Frequently Asked Questions

Our online courses are available on our website. You must be logged in on our website in order to gain access to them and so that you can save and keep track of your progress.

We need to be sure that all of the information that you have provided to us is correct and that you did not accidentally provide someone else’s information by mistake. We send an an address verification email to the email address provided by each of our new members for this reason. Make sure you check SPAM or Offers inbox, because some of our emails sometimes get there.

You can start learning immediately after logging in and buying the course of your choice. Simple go to the My Courses page (My Account -> May Courses) where you can find all of the online courses you are enrolled in with us.

After navigating to the My Courses (My Account -> My Courses) page, click on the desired course, scroll down to the course lesson list and click the lesson you would like to take and start learning! Once you are on a lesson page, you can forwards and backwards navigation under the lesson description beneath the lesson video.

After watching a lesson video, make sure you click the “Complete This Lesson” button in order to save your course progress.

We provided courses in English and in Polish, this is why the courses that we sell in one language are not the same as the courses we sell in another language. If your course is not displaying, make sure that our website is being displayed in the language in which you originally bought the course.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with your course being displayed, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

You have unlimited access to purchased courses for life.

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