South American Countries and Nationalities

Learn how to say the names of South American countries and nationalities in English. Below you will find:

• Names for each South American country, commonly used in English (ie: Have you ever been to Brazil?)

• An adjective used to describe things from that particular country (ie: She’s interestedin Brazilian culture.)

• A nationality adjective, used to describe the people from that country (ie: The team drafted some Brazilian football players.)

• A noun used to describe the inhabitant of that particular country (ie: Most Brazilians enjoy watching football.)

South America

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Argentina Argentine / Argentinian Argentine / Argentinian Argentine / Argentinian
Bolivia Bolivian Bolivian Bolivian
Brazil Brazilian Brazilian Brazilian
Chile Chilean Chilean Chilean
Colombia Colombian Colombian Colombian
Ecuador Ecuadorian Ecuadorian Ecuadorian
Paraguay Paraguayan Paraguayan Paraguayan
Peru Peruvian Peruvian Peruvian
Uruguay Uruguayan Uruguayan Uruguayan
Venezuela Venezuelan Venezuelan Venezuelan