Asian Countries and Nationalities

Learn how to say the names of Asian countries and nationalities in English. The table below contains a list of:

• Names for each Asian country, commonly used in English (ie: They went to Thailand for their honeymoon.)

• An adjective used to describe things from that particular country (ie: Thai food is really spicy?)

• A nationality adjective, used to describe the people from that country (ie: We hired a Thai masseuse.)

• A noun used to describe the inhabitant of that particular country (ie: I think the woman we met was Thai)

Northern Asia

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Russia Russian Russian Russian

Western Asia

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Georgia Georgian Georgian Georgian
Iran Iranian / Persian Iranian Iranian
Iraq Iraqi Iraqi Iraqi
Israel Israeli Israeli Israeli
Jordan Jordanian Jordanian Jordanian
Kuwait Kuwaiti Kuwaiti Kuwaiti
Lebanon Lebanese Lebanese Lebanese
Palestine Palestinian Palestinian Palestinian
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Saudi Arabian Saudi Arabian
Syria Syrian Syrian Syrian
Turkey Turkish Turkish Turk
Yemen Yemeni / Yemenite Yemeni / Yemenite Yemeni / Yemenite

Southern and Central Asia

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Afghanistan Afghan / Afghani Afghan / Afghani Afghan / Afghani
Bangladesh Bangladeshi Bangladeshi Bangladeshi
India Indian Indian Indian
Kazakhstan Kazakh / Kazakhstani Kazakh / Kazakhstani Kazakh / Kazakhstani
Nepal Nepalese / Nepali Nepalese / Nepali Nepalese / Nepali
Pakistan Pakistani Pakistani Pakistani
Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Sri Lankan Sri Lankan

Eastern Asia

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
China Chinese Chinese Chinese
Japan Japanese Japanese Japanese
Mongolia Mongolian Mongolian Mongolian / Mongol
North Korea North Korean North Korean North Korean
South Korea South Korean South Korean South Korean
Taiwan Taiwanese Taiwanese Taiwanese

Southeast Asia

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Cambodia Cambodian Cambodian Cambodian
Indonesia Indonesian Indonesian Indonesian
Laos Laotian / Lao Laotian / Lao Laotian / Lao
Malaysia Malaysian Malaysian Malaysian
Myanmar Burmese Burmese Burmese
Philippines Filipino Filipino Filipino
Singapore Singaporean Singaporean Singaporean
Thailand Thai Thai Thai
Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese