Learn the names of different colours in English.

Basic Colour Palette

yellow orange red purple blue
green brown black grey white

Specifying Colours

We can further specify the shade of colour with the words light and dark.

light green green dark green

It is possbile to describe a colour with the help of the suffix ish and / or another colour.

pinkish brownish orange blue grey

Sometimes, a colour is named after a thing that is the same colour

snow wheat olive

Extended Colour Palette

black alice blue dark cyan light yellow coral
dim grey laveneder teal light yellow tomato
dark grey light steel blue dark slate grey lemon chiffon orange red
grey light slate grey dark green wheat red
silver slate grey green burly wood crimson
light grey steel blue forest green tan meduim violet red
gainsboro royal blue sea green khaki deep pink
white smoke midnight blue meduim sea green yellow hot pink
white navy meduim aqua green gold pale violet red
snow dark blue dark sea green orange pink
ghost white medium blue aquamarine sandy brown light pink
floral white blue pale green dark orange thistle
linen dodger blue light green golden rod magenta
antique white corn flower blue spring green peru fuchsia
papaya whip deep sky blue medium spring green dark golden rod violet
blanched diamond light sky blue lawn green chocolate plum
bisque sky blue chartreuse sienna orchid
moccasin light blue green yellow saddle brown medium orchid
navajo white powder blue lime maroon dark orchid
peach puff pale turquoise lime green dark red dark violet
misty rose light cyan yellow green brown dark magenta
lavender blush cyan dark olive green fire brick purple
sea shell aqua olive drab indian red indigo
old lace turquoise olive rosy brown dark slate blue
ivory medium turquoise dark khaki dark salmon blue violet
honey dew dark turquoise pale golden rod light coral medium purple
mint cream light sea green corn silk salmon slate blue
azure cadet blue beige light salmon medium slate blue