Regular Verbs

There are many regular verbs in the English language. Below is a list of some of the most common.
There are also irregular verbs.

infinitive past tense past participle
achieve achieved achieved
add added added
admire admired admired
admit admitted admitted
adopt adopted adopted
advise advised advised
agree agreed agreed
allow allowed allowed
announce announced announced
appreciate appreciated appreciated
approve approved approved
argue argued argued
arrive arrived arrived
ask asked asked
assist assisted assisted
attack attacked attacked
bake baked baked
beg begged begged
behave behaved behaved
boil boiled boiled
borrow borrowed borrowed
brush brushed brushed
bury buried buried
call called called
challenge challenged challenged
change changed changed
chase chased chased
cheat cheated cheated
cheer cheered cheered
chew chewed chewed
clap clapped clapped
clean cleaned cleaned
collect collected collected
compare compared compared
complain complained complained
confess confessed confessed
construct constructed constructed
control controlled controlled
copy copied copied
count counted counted
create created created
cry cried cried
cycle cycled cycled
damage damaged damaged
dance danced danced
deliver delivered delivered
destroy destroyed destroyed
divide divided divided
drag dragged dragged
earn earned earned
employ employed employed
encourage encouraged encouraged
enjoy enjoyed enjoyed
establish established established
estimate estimated estimated
exercise exercised exercised
expand expanded expanded
explain explained explained
fry fried fried
gather gathered gathered
greet greeted greeted
guess guessed guessed
harass harassed harassed
hate hated hated
help helped helped

infinitive past tense past participle
hope hoped hoped
identify identified identified
interrupt interrupted interrupted
introduce introduced introduced
irritate irritate irritate
joke joked joked
jump jumped jumped
kick kicked kicked
kill killed killed
kiss kissed kissed
laugh laughed laughed
lie lied lied
like liked liked
listen listened listened
love loved loved
marry married married
measure measured measured
move moved moved
murder murdered murdered
need needed needed
obey obeyed obeyed
offend offended offended
offer offered offered
open opened opened
paint painted painted
park parked parked
phone phoned phoned
pick picked picked
play played played
pray prayed prayed
print printed printed
pull pulled pulled
punch punched punched
punish punished punished
purchase purchased purchased
push pushed pushed
question questioned questioned
race raced raced
relax relaxed relaxed
remember remembered remembered
reply replied replied
retire retired retired
return returned returned
rub rubbed rubbed
scold scolded scolded
select selected selected
smoke smoked smoked
snore snored snored
stare stared stared
start started started
study studied studied
talk talked talked
thank thanked thanked
travel travelled travelled
trouble troubled troubled
type typed typed
use used used
visit visited visited
wait waited waited
walk walked walked
want wanted wanted
warn warned warned
wink winked winked
worry worried worried
yell yelled yelled