Our Teachers

Sunco Language School was founded by Anna Ratyńska-Manitius and Wojciech Manitius-Ratyński in 2010. Teaching foreign languages ​​is a passion for us and we derive great satisfaction from each lesson we have we have, because we know that our students have enriched their vocabulary and are able to speak a their newly acquired foreign language more confidently.

As a result of teaching several people over the years we are able to employ creative and effective teaching methods that provide you with a means to learn new languages more quickly. We know that each person has their own perfered way of acquiring knowledge and we also understand that everybpdy is going to have different learning needs and course expectations.

Due to our experience, we are able to match you with teachers who share our approach to teaching foreign languages. Life is one big learning experience, that’s why
we are constantly developing our teaching strategies and methods with them, while introducing new and innovative technologies, in order to improve and make your overall learning experience as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Our teachers only speak in the language taught during class, although it is permissible to translate a word or two if necessary. By limiting you to communicating actively in the language you are learning during our lessons, our courses become a powerful learning tool that maximises your foreign language communication skills in a minimum amount of time.

Our team is comprised of qualified foreign language teachers and native speakers who understand how to teach foreign languages and conduct lessons prepared individually for each student or group professionally. They are able to create a friendly and positive learning atmosphere, thanks to which we have achieved so much success in foreign language teaching.

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Russian Teacher
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Wojciech Manitius-Ratyński
English Teacher
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Anna Ratyńska-Manitius
English Teacher
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