If you’re having a rough week, it’s best to just take it in stride. Would you like to learn the meaning of “take in stride”? If so, don’t miss this […]
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It’s best to just keep it low key until the whole situation dies down. Would you like to learn the meaning of “low key”? If so, make sure you check […]
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Who’s in charge at your work? is it you? If you’d like to learn the meaning of this idiom, check out our newest video on YouTube!
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If someone said “you can say that again”, would you repeat what you just said? Check out our latest video where we talk about the meaning of this idiom and […]
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 Are you one to take criticism lightly? or do you get bent out of shape? Make sure you don’t miss our newest idiom video about what it means to […]
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 Most employers require their staff to be on the ball at work. Check out our newest idiom lesson and learn the meaning of “on the ball”! Afterwards, tell us […]
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Let’s say one of your employees made a costly mistake. Would you be mad at them? or would you cut them some slack? Check out our new YouTube video where […]
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Are you someone who is open to new ideas? Can you wrap your head around most things that people throw at you? Check out our latest YouTube video where we […]
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You should pay attention when the writing is on the wall. Otherwise, you could suffer the consequences. Make sure you don’t miss our newest YouTube video where we explain the […]
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My new computer cost me an arm and a leg. Would you like to learn the meaning of “cost an arm and a leg”? If so, don’t miss our newest […]
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