European Countries and Nationalities

Learn how to say the names of different European countries and nationalities in English. Below you will find:

• Names for each European country, commonly used in English (ie: I have a friend in Germany.)

• An adjective used to describe things from that particular country (ie: He wants to buy a German car.)

• A nationality adjective, used to describe the people from that country (ie: She’sh a German businesswoman.)

• A noun used to describe the inhabitant of that particular country (ie: A German asked my for directions today.)

Northern Europe

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Denmark Danish Danish Dane
England English British / English Englishman / Englishwoman
Estonia Estonian Estonian Estonian
Finland Finnish Finnish Finn
Iceland Icelandic Icelandic Icelander
Ireland Irish Irish Irishman / Irishwoman
Latvia Latvian Latvian Latvian
Lithuania Lithuanian Lithuanian Lithuanian
Northern Ireland Northern Irish Northern Irish Northern Irishman / Northern Irishwoman
Norway Norwegian Norwegian Norwegian
Scotland Scottish Scottish Scot / Scotsman / Scotswoman
Sweden Swedish Swedish Swede
United Kingdom British British Briton
Wales Welsh Welsh Welshman / Welshwoman

Western Europe

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Austria Austrian Austrian Austrian
Belgium Belgian Belgian Belgian
France French French Frenchman / Frenchwoman
Germany German German German
Netherlands Dutch Dutch Dutchman / Dutchwoman
Switzerland Swiss Swiss Swiss

Southern Europe

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Albania Albanian Albanian Albanian
Croatia Croatian Croatian Croatian
Cyprus Cypriot Cypriot Cypriot
Greece Greek Greek Greek
Italy Italian Italian Italian
Portugal Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese
Serbia Serbian Serbian Serbian
Slovenia Slovenian / Slovene Slovenian / Slovene Slovenian / Slovene
Spain Spanish Spanish Spaniard

Eastern Europe

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Belarus Belarusian Belarusian Belarusian
Bulgaria Bulgarian Bulgarian Bulgarian
The Czech Republic Czech Czech Czech
Hungary Hungarian Hungarian Hungarian
Poland Polish Polish Pole
Romania Romanian Romanian Romanian
Russia Russian Russian Russian
Slovakia Slovak / Slovakian Slovak / Slovakian Slovak / Slovakian
Ukraine Ukrainian Ukrainian Ukrainian