The Indefinite Article (a/an)

his page will teach you when and how to use the indefinite article (a/an). Students often overlook the importance of or misunderstand the usage of articles. If you would like to learn more about this article, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to look around, learn, and practice.

We use the indefinite article when…

1- We mention a noun for the first time.

I saw an accident on the way to work today.

2- Which noun is unknown or unimportant.

He bought a coffee at the restaurant.

3- We are talking about titles of professions and jobs

She’s an architect.Is he a teacher?

4- To show that a person or thing is part of a group.

He’s a member of the worker’s union.

* Note: We only use the indefinite article with singular countable nouns.

I ate a banana. (singular)

Not: I ate a bananas. (plural)

Water flooded the basement. (uncountable)

Not: A water flooded the basement.