Modifying Comparatives and Superlatives

We can  modify comparatives and superlatives in order to describe small and big differences. If you would like to learn more about modifying comparatives, and superlatives you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to look around, learn, and practice.

Here are some ways we can describe small and big differences:

Modifying Comparatives
Small Differences
Slightly + comparative adjective + (than)


Their new album was slightly better than their previous one.


A bit + comparative adjective + (than)


This summer was a bit colder than last year.


A little + comparative adjective + (than)


The film was a little scarier than the one we saw yesterday.


No + comparative adjective + (than)


If he did the same, he’s no better than her.


Rather + comparative adjective + (than)


It’s rather warmer than usual this week.


A little less + adjective + (than)


It’s supposed to be a little less cloudy tomorrow.


Almost + as + adjective + as


This hotel is almost as nice as the last one we stayed in


Nearly + as + adjective + as


Her score was nearly as good as his.


Not quite + as + adjective + as


Today wasn’t quite as warm as yesterday.

Big Differences
Far + comparative adjective + (than)


We think that Evan is a far better candidate for the job.


Much + comparative adjective + (than)


New York is much bigger than Warsaw.


A lot + comparative adjective + (than)


Her car is a lot more expensive than his.


Whole lot + comparative adjective + (than)


His latest film was a whole lot more interesting than his other ones.


Considerably + comparative adjective + (than)


Today’s test was considerably harder than the last one.


Not Nearly + as + adjective + as


Their dog isn’t nearly as friendly as ours.

Modifying Superlatives
Small Differences
Quite + (the) + superlative adjective


It’s quite the most relaxing holiday we’ve ever had.

Big Differences
By far + (the) + superlative adjective


This is by far the best birthday I’ve ever had.


Easily + (the) + superlative adjective


It’s easily his most popular song.


(the) + superlative adjective + object + Ever


This has been the best year ever for our company.


Without a doubt + (the) + superlative adjective


It’s without a doubt the worst weather we’ve had in a while.