Central American and Caribbean Countries and Nationalities

Learn how to say the names of different Central American and Caribbean countries and nationalities in English. Below you will find:

• Names for each Central American and Caribbean country, commonly used in English (ie: We went to Cuba for our holiday.)

• An adjective used to describe things from that particular country (ie: Have you ever tried Cuban cigars?)

• A nationality adjective, used to describe the people from that country (ie: She likes Cuban music.)

• A noun used to describe the inhabitant of that particular country (ie: My sister married a Cuban.)

Central America

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Belize Belizean Belizean Belizean
Costa Rica Costa Rican Costa Rican Costa Rican
El Salvador Salvadoran Salvadoran Salvadoran
Guatemala Guatemalan Guatemalan Guatemalan
Honduras Honduran Honduran Honduran
Nicaragua Nicaraguan Nicaraguan Nicaraguan
Panama Panamanian Panamanian Panamanian

The Caribbean

Country Adjective Nationality Inhabitant
Anguilla Anguillan Anguillan Anguillan
Antigua and Barbuda Antiguan / Barbudan Antiguan / Barbudan Antiguan / Barbudan
Aruba Aruban Aruban Aruban
Bahamas Bahamian Bahamian Bahamian
Barbados Barbadian Barbadian Barbadian
Bermuda Bermudian Bermudian Bermudian
Cuba Cuban Cuban Cuban
Dominica Dominican Dominican Dominican
Dominican Republic Dominican Dominican Dominican
Grenada Grenadan Grenadan Grenadan
Guadeloupe Guadeloupean Guadeloupean Guadeloupean
Haiti Haitian Haitian Haitian
Martinique Martinican Martinican Martinican
Montserrat Montserratian Montserratian Montserratian
Jamaica Jamaican Jamaican Jamaican
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Puerto Rican Puerto Rican