Has anyone ever told you to break a leg? Perhaps, you heard someone saying to someone else. If you would like to learn the meaning and origins of “break a […]
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 Are a down to earth person? Perhaps you’ve got a down to earth approach when it comes to things. If you would like to know what “down to earth” […]
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 Are you a shot caller? or does someone else call the shots at your work? If you would like to learn what “call the shots” means, make sure you […]
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Are you going through a difficult time or challenging situation? You may need to tough it out in order to manage! Don’t understand what “tough it out” means? Make sure […]
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 Make sure that you don’t miss the boat to watch this next video that will teach you what the idiom “miss the boat” means!
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Do you have trouble understanding native speakers in English because they use to many idioms and colloquial expressions? Then you’ve come to the right place! It is our great pleasure […]
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