7 Ways to Become More Charismatic

Do you ever wonder why it is that some people have a magnetic personality and always have a group of people around them, while others struggle to get the attention of people?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! This article will show you 7 ways to become more charismatic.

Here are just 7 things you can do to become more charismatic and appealing to others:

1. Positivity Goes a Long Way

Nobody likes being around negativity for long periods of time, by hanging around negative people too long, we start getting dragged down and begin to adopt a similar attitude.

We have our own emotions and react to emotions portrayed by others around us differently. This is because we are all emotion-based beings, perhaps you may react differently to a particular situation than the person next to you but the bottom line is that emotion affects our attitude about the world around us.

Optimistic, positive people subconsciously attract others to them whereas pessimistic, negative people usually do the opposite and push people away from them. Don’t be too positive, because it could appear fake and exaggerated , at the same time, try not to let your negative emotions get the better of you.

Remember to keep things on the up and up and people are bound to like you.


2. You’ll Be Fine!

Are you afraid of being laughed at by strangers? Being turned down for a job you always wanted? Being rejected by someone you really like? Remember that no matter what happens, you will always recover and live to fight another day. There’s a saying, that what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger, and it is certainly true when it comes to social interactions.

Everybody has confidence issues, it’s just that some develop a higher immunity to social pressure than others. The good news is that you can build your confidence, it’s not something only a select few of us were gifted with genetically.

Many psychologists say that we, as human beings, are afraid of the unknown and we tend to generalise on things by predicting outcomes of situations presented before us. This tends to be the main cause of fear and what keeps us from trying new things. The more you practice being outside of your comfort zone, the more you will get used to it and feel better in situations that once felt strange and scary to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up and introduce yourself to that person you find attractive at the other end of the bar. Go out there and meet new people, have fun with it. Remember, no matter what happens, you will be okay!


3. Who Are You Trying to Impress?

A lot of people are overly concerned with what other people think about them. The fact is that, you should just be yourself at all times and not concern yourself with the opinions of others. By being too concerned about what others think, you spend more time thinking about what other people are like and not what you are like, this can make you look desperate, strange,  and socially inept.

Don’t worry too much about how people feel and just be yourself, focus on doing the right thing. Worry about your own character and then let people form opinions about you.

When they see that you don’t care so much about how they feel, they will see that you are genuine and will form positive opinions about you.


4. Honesty Is the Best Policy

We all have reputations to keep which depend on our honesty and integrity. Being dishonest is like sitting on a house of cards, sooner or later it will fall apart and the truth will come out. If you are dishonest, even when it comes to little unimportant things, people will know that you have a reputation to sometimes say things that aren’t necessarily true.

 This kills your ability to look someone in the eye and tell them with conviction that you believe that something is absolutely true. By not telling the truth, you are hurting your self-confidence, ability to express your thoughts and beliefs, as well as your capacity to form genuine relationships.



5. You’re not fooling me!

Whether you’re at home, the office, the grocery store, or at school, you don’t need to convince anyone about anything. It’s important to remember that people are different, they have different opinions, likes / dislikes, experiences, etc. Just because you think something is great, it doesn’t mean others have to share your views.

You shouldn’t try talking people into things because you might come off as a bit pushy. Be willing to take “no” for an answer and move on.

People will like you more when you stop imposing your will on them and not care what they think.


6. Crystal Clear

While it’s nice to engage in small talk with people, it can often be distracting and a real time waster. Clear communication is key to getting your message across and having people actually listen to you.

I’m not saying that you should stop using small talk in your conversations entirely but there is a time and place for everything and the overuse of it can put people off and leave them confused as to what the real purpose of you instantiating the conversation was in the first place, especially if they are in the middle of something and you call them out of the blue to see how things are going.

Telling jokes and engaging in friendly conversation is ok, just don’t overdo it and don’t forget the reason you started the conversation in the first place.


7. Be the First

From being the first to jump off the pier to being the first to walk across the room in order to shake hands with someone who just entered the room, be the person who takes the risk, and does things that others in the group are afraid to do.

By doing things that others don’t think of doing or are too afraid to do, you will look more like a leader, this positive association can make a good first impression on the people you meet.

By standing out in a crowd, you are more likely to be remembered and more likely to be approached by others.


Useful Vocabulary

English definition or synonym
hanging around to wait, or to stay near a place or person, often for no particular reason
getting dragged down to become debilitated, demoralized, devalued by something or someone
adopt to assume, appropriate
the bottom line the most important thing
subconsciously intuitively
fake fraudulent, bogus
exaggerated magnified, overblown
get the better of you to all a feeling or situation to make you do something
on the up and up positive and happy
live to fight another day to survive a particular ordeal or experience
social interactions an exchange (often verbal) between two or more individuals
confidence issues low self-esteem
social pressure the direct influence on people by their peers
generalise on things to infer that something is collectively true
predicting outcomes anticipating results
comfort zone a situation where one feels safe or at ease
overly concerned to care or worry about something too much
desperate anxious, urgent
socially inept describing a  person who has little skill in interactions with others
be yourself act naturally
genuine authentic, original
positive opinions favourable sentiment
a house of cards referring to an insubstantial, insecure situation or scheme
fall apart crumble
truth will come out sooner or later the truth will be known
look someone in the eye to look directly at someone
conviction confidence
genuine relationships sincere, straightforward, honest, natural relations
share your views to tell others your opinion on a matter
come off as to seem to be
pushy forceful
move on continue
imposing your will on (others) to force other people to do what you want
small talk chatter, light talk
time waster something that consumes time
a time and place for everything there is a suitable time and place for a situation or behaviour
put people off to make people dislike something/someone
confused puzzled
out of the blue describing an event that occurs unexpectedly
friendly conversation an informal talk light talk between two or more people
positive association to think good about something because its relation to something you like
a good first impression To make someone like or have positive thoughts about you the first time they meet you
standing out Being more noticeable than others


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