English for Receptionists

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If you are thinking about applying for a job as a receptionist but don’t feel confident enough with your communication skills in English, this is the perfect course for you!
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by Wojciech
Price: 297.00 
10 Lessons
6 Students

Course Description

This course will not only teach practical vocabulary related to specific situations while working in your field but will also you give you the communication skills you need in order to be able to competently perform your duties as a receptionist.

The course has been logically broken down into 10 lessons in order for you to learn language related to every aspect of working as a receptionist.

Below is a list of the lessons included within this course:


  • Lesson 1- Down to Basics
  • Lesson 2- Incoming Calls
  • Lesson 3 – Outgoing Calls
  • Lesson 4 – Scheduling Appointments
  • Lesson 5 – Deliveries
  • Lesson 6 – Receiving Guests
  • Lesson 7 – Giving Directions
  • Lesson 8 – Interacting with Co-workers
  • Lesson 9 – Bookings and Making Orders
  • Lesson 10 – Written Correspondence

What You Get

An Insightful Teacher

10 Video Lessons

10 Lesson Tests

Reference Cards

Contact with Your Teacher

Support Group Access

Certificate of Completion


Lesson 1 – Down to Basics

Length: 16 minutesComplexity: Easy

Have you got what it takes to be a receptionist, working for an English speaking company? In this lesson, we will cover the ins and outs of working at a reception desk for an international company.

Lesson 2 – Incoming Calls

Length: 23 minutesComplexity: Easy

Are you worried about sounding silly or saying the wrong thing while answering the phone in English? If so, this lesson will help you overcome those worries and put you on track to being able to handle any call.

Lesson 3 – Outgoing Calls

Length: 13 minutesComplexity: Easy

Calling someone in a foreign language can be a terrifying thing for some people. In this lesson, we will help you gain the confidence to say the right things when making outgoing calls.

Lesson 4 – Scheduling Appointments

Length: 15 minutesComplexity: Easy

Have you ever wondered if you are doing all the right things while scheduling an appointment? We’ll look now further because after this lesson, you will know all about scheduling appointments in English.

Lesson 5 – Deliveries

Length: 11 minutesComplexity: Easy

Did you know that dealing with deliveries is an important part of working as a receptionist? This lesson talks about the important things to consider when working with deliveries.

Lesson 6 – Recieving Guests

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

When someone comes to your office, what do you say? How do you act? This lesson will show you how to deal with visitors to your company in a pleasant and professional manner.

Lesson 7 – Giving Directions

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

A part of being helpful is ensuring that people are able to get where they are going. This lesson will talk about ways you can give people directions.

Lesson 8 – Interacting with Co-workers

Length: 13 minutesComplexity: Easy

Communicating with your co-workers can be tricky sometimes if you don’t feel comfortable with English as your second language. This lesson makes sure that you will be able to exchange ideas easily with your colleagues, making your job more fun and less stressful for you.

Lesson 9 – Booking and Making Orders

Length: 23 minutesComplexity: Easy

From ordering pizza to organizing travel arrangements for your colleagues at the office. This lesson will ensure you are the very best at doing so.

Lesson 10 – Written Correspondence

Length: 21 minutesComplexity: Easy

Is writing business emails and letters in English not your forte? If so, this lesson will provide you with the skills and know-how to be able to confidently and effectively carry out correspondence on behalf of your company.

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