Uses of Get

Learn the different meanings and usage of get.

The word get can be used in different ways and has different meanings depending on its context.

Below is a list of the different ways it can be use:

We can use the following structure to talk about buying, receiving, or obtaining something.




He went to the shop to get some milk.

I got an email from my cousin yesterday.

She got an A+ on her history exam.

* Note: We can also use this structure with abstract nouns.

He got a good education from Harvard University.

We can use it to describe ownership or keeping something on your person using the following structure.

Have/Has got



She has got a lot of friends.

They've got a nice house.

* Note: The phrase, have got, is actually the Present Perfect Simple. During informal spoken English, this can also be shortened to got (see Uses of Have).

I have got a red car.

I have a red car.

I got a red car.

We can use the following structure to talk about things that happen to us or others:



Past Participle

We are getting married in the spring.

We got lost, so we had to ask for directions.

We can use it to talk about traveling, going, and arriving somewhere.






We should get to the airport in time for your flight.

I should be getting home soon.

What time did you get home from school yesterday?

*Note: We do not use to with certain words like home.

He got to the office late.

He got home late.

We can use it with Phrasal Verbs.



Particle (preposition)

She really gets on with her sister.

When did you get back from your holiday?

What time do you usually get up?

Describing the opportunity to do something.




We are so happy that we finally got the chance to meet you.

I got to see some old friends at the high school reunion.

He got to meet his favourite rock band.

She got the chance to see the new Star Wars film on the weekend.

*Note: When building the opportunity clause, we can either use the infinitive of the verb directly after get or we can use nouns such as: chance, opportunity, etc in between.

I'm so glad I got to go to the football match.

I'm so glad I got the opportunity to go to the football match.

To describe a change or when something becomes something.




It gets dark early during the winter

* Note: We can use the Present Continuous form of get to show that something is in the process of becoming.

It is getting late, we should go.

We can use get in following structure to talk about having a service done for us. This is much like with have something done (see Uses of Have).





Past Participle

He got his car painted at the local body shop.

* Note: This structure can also be used to talk about finishing something.

I'm not allowed outside until I finish my homework.

I'm not allowed outside until I get my homework finished.

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