Phrasal Verbs Beginning with “G”

This page contains an extensive list of phrasal verbs beginning with "G". Click one of the letters below for a list of phrasal verbs, definitions, and examples starting with another letter.



























Gad (2)

Gad about

definition: (Intransitive) To visit a lot of different places for pleasure

example: We spent the day gadding about the sites in the city.

Gad around

definition: (Intransitive) To visit different places for pleasure

example: She spent the afternoon gadding around the shops in the mall looking for a new dress.

Gag (1)

Gag for

definition: (Inseparable) To really want something a lot

example: I'm starved! I'm gagging for something to eat.

Gang (3)

Gang up

definition: (Intransitive) To form a group against someone or something

example: The neighbours ganged up to stop the new dexelopment.

Gang up against

definition: (Inseparable) To bully or harass (in a group)

example: They ganged up against her because she was different.

Gang up on

definition: (Inseparable) To bully or harass

example: Kids used to gang up on him at school because he was a bit of a loner.

Gear (3)

Gear to

definition: (Inseparable) To arrange or organise something for a specific audience or purpose (often used in the passive)

example: The presentation was geared to the company's potential cient.

Gear towards

definition: (Separable [optional]) To arrange or organise something for a specific audience or purpose

example: They are gearing the advertisment campaign towards teenagers.

Gear up

definition: (Intransitive) To prepare for a difficult or busy period

example: Popular tourist traps are gearing up for the holiday season.

Gee (1)

Gee up

definition 1: (Intransitive) Something that you say to a horse to make it move faster

example: The cowboy yelled "Gee up" and, together with his horse, they galloped off into the sunset.

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To encourage people to make an effort or show greater enthusiasm

example: She tried to gee up her team before the daunting task ahead.

Geek (1)

Geek out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To immediately become obsessive or enthralled in a subject that is considered to be liked by geeks (ie: comics, books, technology, etc)

example: Scott tends to geek out and talk about things like quantum mechanics.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To suddenly have an uncontrolable fit of laughter losing all thought processes and many fine motor skills.

example: She suddenly geeked out and started laughing and shouting nonsensical gibberish in front of everyone, it was very embarassing.

Get (65)

Get about

definition 1: (Intransitive) To visit many places

example: He gets about a lot in his job, he's been to seve dfferent countries within the last 3 months.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To become known

example: Romours get about fast in high school.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To walk or visit places

example: He doesn't get about much ever since he broke his leg.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To have sexual or personal relationships with many people

example: Donny gets about a bit, he's a real player.

Get above

definition: (Inseparable) To behave as if you are better or more important than others (usually used in continuous form in conjunction with reflexive pronouns)

example: He really started getting above himself when he became shift supervisor.

Get across

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To communicate successfully

example: It's hard to get your point across when people are interrupting you.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To go from one side to the other

example: You can't get across the border without a passport.

definition 3: (Separable [obligatory]) To move something from one side to the other

example: How are we going to get our stuff across that fence?

Get across to

definition: (Inseparable) To be convincing or make a good first impression

example: How can we get the product across to our target market?

Get after

definition 1: (Inseparable) To exhort or nag someone

example: The manager usually has to get after the workers to finish up the job at the end of the day.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To chase

example: I quickly had to get after her because she had forgot her plane tickets.

Get ahead

definition: (Intransitive) to progress

example: You need to be fluent in English if you want to get ahead in most companies.

Get ahead of

definition: (Inseparable) To move in front of

example: He got ahead of the rest of the class by studying hard after school.

Get along

definition 1: (Intransitive) To have a good relationship

example: Doug and Bob used to get along until they started arguing about money.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To leave

example: Our taxi's her, so we must be getting along.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To progress

example: I heard your working on a challenging project, let me know how you get along.

Get along in

definition: (Inseparable) To progress

example: How are you getting along in your new job?

Get along with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To have a god relationship with someone

example: She gets along with all her neighbours.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To deal with or handle

example: He said it's difficult getting along with the new semester.

Get around

definition 1: (Intransitive) To become known

example: News gets around pretty fast in my area.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To visit many different places

example: He gets around a lot because his company is always sending him somewhere abroad.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To walk or go places

example: I usually get around the city by bike or foot.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To avoid a problem

example: We're going to have to think of a way to get around this issue if we want to meet the deadline.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To persuade or convince

example: It was tough getting around him but he finally started seeing things our way.

definition 6: (Intransitive) To have sexual or personal relations with many people

example: He gets around quite a bit, everytime I see him, he's with a different woman.

Get around to

definition: (Inseparable) To finally manage to do something or make an effort to do something

example: I hope I'll get around to cleaning the garage this weekend.

Get at

definition 1: (Inseparable) To criticise

example: Kids used to get at him for being overweight in school.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To mean something

example: What do you think he was getting at when he asked you about your car?

definition 3: (Inseparable) To be able to reach, access, or find something

example: I see it but I can't get at it because it's too far away.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To use threats, bribes, etc, in order to affect someone's decision or testimony

example: The mob got at the key wittness and the case was thrown out of court.

Get away

definition 1: (Intransitive) To escape

example: The crooks got away before the police came.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To go somewhere for a short break or go on holiday

example: We went to the sea for the weekend to get away for a while.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To move or leave somewhere

example: She was so busy that she couldn't get away even for a second.

definition 4: (Intransitive) An expression of disblief

example: get away, I can't believe she said that!

Get away from

definition 1: (Inseparable) To go somewhere different or do something different

example: We went on holiday to get away from it all.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To start talking about something that is not relevant to the discussion

example: The participants started getting away from the main topic of the meeting, so I had to get them back on track.

Get away with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To not get caught, criticised, or punished for doing something wrong

example: The bank robbers got away with 50 million in cash.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To achieve something despite not doing it properly or correctly

example: The company got away with substituting certain components with cheaper ones in order to reduce production costs.

Get away!

definition: (Intransitive) An expression of disblief

example: Get away! She didn't really win the lottery, did she?

Get back

definition 1: (Intransitive) To return

example: He just got back home from work.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To return something

example: I lent her a book and never got it back.

definition 3: (Separable [obligatory]) To get revenge

example: My brother used to play pranks on me and I would get him back all the time.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To move away, move back

example: The police told the observers to get back from the crime.

Get back at

definition: (Inseparable) To get revenge

example: He got back at him for getting him in trouble with the police.

Get back into

definition 1: (Inseparable) To start doing something after stopping for some time

example: It's always hard getting back into going to school after the summer.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To find a new enthusiasm for something

example: I lost interest in music, but I'm slowly getting back into it.

Get back to

definition 1: (Inseparable) To respond to a contact

example: She said she would get back to us when she hears anything new.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To respond when you know the answer

example: He'll get back to us as soon as he gets more information about the product.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To start doing something after an interruption

example: We couldn't get back to sleep after the baby woke us up.

Get back together

definition: (Intransitive) To restart a relationship

example: Dan and Kelly got back together after 3 months.

Get behind

definition: (Inseparable) To support

example: All members of the Republican party got behind the presidential nominee.

Get behind with

definition: (Inseparable) To be late making payments for something

example: He got behind with his electricity bill, so they turned off his electricity.

Get by

definition 1: (Intransitive) To have just enough money to live on

example: He doesn't make much but he gets by.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To not be noticed (problems, errors, etc)

example: I made a few mistakes in my essay but I think I'll get by.

Get by on

definition: (Inseparable) To manage on a certain amount of money

example: She gets by on 150£ a week.

Get by with

definition: (Inseparable) To have enough of something to do a job

example: We should be able to get by with 2 engineers but 3 would be better.

Get down

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To cause someone to feel sad, depressed, exhausted, etc.

example: The rain always gets me down.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To write, record

example: Make sure you get downwhat he says about quantum mechanics.

definition 3: (Separable [optional])To manage to swallow

example: He was so full that he couldn't get the last bite of his sandwich down.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To descend, leave a vehicle

example: When the horse stopped, she got down.

definition 5: (Intransitive) To leave the table after eating

example: After lunch, the kids got down and went outside to play.

definition 6: (Separable [obligatory]) To reduce

example: We really need to get our spending down.

definition 7: (Intransitive) To have sexual relations or an affair

example: They got down in the VIP room at the club last Friday.

Get down on

definition: (Inseparable) to ridicule or criticise

example: My wife always gets down on for being lazy.

Get down to

definition 1: (Inseparable) to start working seriously

example: Your exam is tomorrow, you'd better get down to studying.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To really enjoy something

example: Lots of radio tations play pop music because it's easy to get down to.

Get in

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To have someone do a job somewhere (ie: at home, the ofice, etc)

example: The photocopier is acting up again, we'll have to get someone in to fix it.

definition 2: (Intransitive) For a bus, plane, train to arrive

example: Her plane should get in at 10:50 AM.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To arrive home, work, school

example: Doug usually gets in from work at about 7 PM.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To enter a car or taxi cab

example: They all got in their car and drove to the airport.

definition 5: (Separable [obligatory]) To buy or obtain supplies (ie: food)

example: We need to get some more whiskey in because the bar is fresh out.

definition 6: (Intransitive) To enter a building, place, university, club, etc

example: Ladies get in to the club free tonight because it's lady's night.

definition 7: (Intransitive) To be elected

example: The prgoressive conservative party got in by a small majority.

definition 8: (Intransitive) To manage to say or do

example: She wouldn't let him get a single word in during the meeting.

definition 9: (Separable [optional]) To bring inside a place

example: We had to bring the kid's toys in when it started raining.

definition 10: (Separable [obligatory]) To apply or submit

example: We need to get the application in by the end of the week.

definition 11: (Separable [optional]) To pay for drinks

example: I got another round of beers in before we got a taxi.

Get in on

definition: (Inseparable) To become involved

example: When I heard they were planning her a surprise birthday party, I got in on it.

Get in with

definition: (Inseparable) To integrate or become friendly with

example: He got in with the wrong crowd at school.

Get into

definition 1: (Inseparable) To become interested or involved in

example: He started getting into rock music when he was in high school.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To become involved in criminal activity or something bad

example: She got into drinking while she was at college.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To be accepted or admitted

example: He was so happy when he found out he had got into Harvard.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To become accepted as or become a member

example: She couldn't believe shegot into the girl's basketball team.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To develop a habit or start acting in a certain way

example: It took him a while to get into waking up at 6 am every morning.

definition 6: (Inseparable) To be small enough to wear something

example: She couldn't get into her old dress because it was too tight.

definition 7: (Inseparable) To criticise

example: My wife got into me for coming home late.

Get it

definition: (Intransitive) To be scolded or punished

example: Tim really got it for being late for class today.

Get it off

definition: (Intransitive) To have sex

example: Tina and Rick got it off at the party.

Get it off with

definition: (Inseparable) To have sex with

example: She usually gets off with guys on the first date.

Get it on

definition 1: (Intransitive) To become excited about or interested in

example: The topic at the meeting was quite boring and nobody seemed to get it on.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To have sex

example: Did she and her ex-boyfriend really get it on?

Get it on with

definition: (Inseparable) To have sex

example: I heard he got it on with his ex at the party.

Get it together

definition 1: (Intransitive) To control things in your life in order to achieve your goals

example: Ever since Tom got it together, he's been doing really wall for himself.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To begin a relationship

example: Kelly and Bob finally got it together after knowing each other for so long.

Get it up

definition: (Intransitive) To become aroused (for a man)

example: He has problems getting it up because of his old age.

Get off

definition 1: (Intransitive) To escape punishment

example: The judge isn't usually so lenient with such crimes, your lucky you got off.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To leave a bus, train, plane, etc.

example: We were waiting for him on the platform when he got off the train.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To leave or finish work

example: My boss lets me get off early on Fridays.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To leave alone or not touch

example: Just tell him where to get off if you don't like the way he treats you.

definition 5: (Intransitive) To start a journey

example: We decided to get off at 5 AM in order to avoid traffic.

definition 6: (Separable [obligatory]) To help a baby or child fall asleep

example: We couldn't get the kids off last night because of the loud party next door.

definition 7: (Intransitive) To have an orgasim while having sex

example: She gets off whenever they do it.

definition 8: (Separable [optional]) To manage to fire a gun

example: The man got off a few rounds before the police shot him.

definition 9: (Inseparable) To stop talking on the phone

example: I had to wait an hour for my sister to get off the phone so that I could use it.

definition 10: (Separable [obligatory]) To write or send emails, letters, etc.

example: She managed to get six emails off before the meeting this morning.

definition 11: (Separable [optional]) To write or say something funny

example: He got two or three jokes off at the start of the meeting in order to break the ice.

Get off it

definition 1: (Inseparable)To tell someone that they are wrong or have an incorrect opinion

example: He obviously didn't know what he was talking about so I told him to get off it.

definition 2: (Inseparable) A way of showing disbelief

example: Get off it! There's no way you could have possibly did that.

Get off on

definition 1: (Inseparable) To become excited by something

example: He gets off on his success stories whenever he tells them, it's really annoying.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To enjoy a drug

example: She gets off on methamphetamines all the time.

Get off with

definition: (Inseparable) To have casual sex with

example: He usually gets off with her after work but there isn't anything serious going on between them.

Get on

definition 1: (Intransitive) To continue doing something

example: We had a 15 minute coffee break and got on with our work.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To enter a bus, train, plane, etc.

example: She waved goodbye to all her friends before getting on the bus.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To make progress or deal with something with a reasonable degree of success

example: How are you getting on with your English lessons?

definition 4: (Intransitive) To have a good relationship

example: Frank and Terry have always got on well.

definition 5: (Intransitive) To become old

example: Now that he's got on, he's thinking about retiring.

definition 6: (Intransitive) To be late or near a time of arrangement

example: We need to get going to the meeting, it's getting on.

definition 7: (Separable [optional]) To wear or fit

example: I need to lose some weight, I can barely get my pants on.

definition 8: (Intransitive) To leave

example: We should be getting on, it's getting late and we've got work in the morning.

Get on at

definition: (Inseparable) To unfairly criticise

example: She's always getting on at me for no reason.

Get on for

definition: (Inseparable) To be near a time

example: It's getting on for lunch time.

Get on to

definition: (Inseparable) To start to suspect

example: The police got on to the gang after a tip off from an informant.

Get on with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To have a good relationship

example: She doesn't get on with her brother at all.

definition 1: (Inseparable) To continue or start doing something

example: We really should get on with our work if we want to meet the deadline.

Get onto

definition 1: (Inseparable) To start dicussing a topic

example: We didn't ave time to get onto the budget for next year during the meeting.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To be appointed or elected

example: His political career turned around when he got onto the national defense council.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To appear on TV or the radio

example: She was offered a role in a new sitcom after getting on a prime time show.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To get onto a bus, train, plane, etc.

example: He got onto the train just before it left.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To contact someone because you want or require their services

example: You'd better get onto someone to fix that leak before it causes more water damage.

Get out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To leave the house in order to socialise or visit places

example: You really should get out more if you want to meet someone.

definition 2: (Intransitive) For information or a secret to be made public or known

example: He was quite embarrassed when the truth got out.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To escape or leave a place

example: The dog got out because she left the gate open.

definition 4: (Separable [obligatory]) To remove something from it's place of storage in order to use it

example: We got the patio furniture out last week.

definition 5: (Separable [obligatory]) To remove something unwanted

example: It's really difficult to get out grease stains.

definition 6: (Separable [obligatory]) To publish or make something available to buy or see to the public

example: It's really important that this story gets out in tomorrow's paper.

definition 7: (Separable [optional]) To say what you want when it's difficult

example: She was so embarrassed that she couldn't get what she wanted to say out.

definition 8: (Intransitive) An expression of astonishment or disbelief

example: They won the lottery? Get out!.

Get out of

definition 1: (Inseparable) To avoid doing something you don't like

example: He has to go to his grandparet's anniversary this weekend and can't get out of it.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To leave a car, taxi, van, etc.

example: The car pulled up and they got out of it.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To stop a habit or routine activity

example: You really should get out of having a coffee and a cigarette ever moyning, it's really unhealthy.

definition 4: (Separable [obligatory]) To make someone admint something or tell the truth

example: The police couldn't get the name of the suspect out of him.

definition 5: (Separable [obligatory]) To force someone to give you something

example: She's going to try and get a raise out of her boss tomorrow.

definition 6: (Separable [obligatory]) To benefit or obtain plessure from doing something

example: He said he got a lot of knowledge and practical experience out of the course.

definition 7: (Separable [obligatory]) To help someone avoid doing something

example: She got me out of having to come in early on Friday morning.

Get over

definition 1: (Inseparable) To feel better or recover from something

example: It took her a week to get over her sore throat.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To solve or find a solution to something

example: He had to get over some issues with a client.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To communicate or explain

example: He uses his hand when speaking to help him get over what he's saying.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To be surprised or shocked that something is true or real

example: She couldn't get over the fact that her parents bought her a car for her birthday.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To reach the other side

example: They couldn't get over the mountain sumit before nightfall so they set up camp..

definition 6: (Intransitive) To come to a place

example: We had a leaking pipe, so we asked the plumber to get over as soon as he could.

Get over with

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To do something unpleasant that has to be done rather than delaying it any longer

example: Isn't is better to get the test over with now instead of worrying about it later?

Get round

definition 1: (Intransitive) To become known

example: Word got round quickly that Jimmy had won the lottery.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To find a solution to something

example: get round.

Get round (or around) to

definition: (Inseparable) To finally manage to do something

example: Hopefully, I'll get round to painting the spare room this weekend.

Get round (or around)

definition: (Inseparable) Persuade someone

example: At first, he didn't want to let me go camping but I finally got round him.

Get through

definition 1: (Intransitive) To contact

example: I tried calling my brother but the line was busy, so I couldn't get through.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To consume

example: They get through a case of beer every weekend.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To finish something

example: She gets through a new book every week.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To finish something

example: Let me know when you get through.

definition 5: (Inseparable Help) To succeed or do well in a test or exam

example: You car won't get through inspection in that condition.

definition 6: (Separable [optional]) To help someone or something succeed or pass a test or exam

example: My friend helped get me through.

definition 7: (Inseparable) To endure or deal with a difficult situation or experience

example: It took him two years toget through the divorce proceedings.

definition 8: (Intransitive) To be passed or accepted (legislations, bills, laws, propsals, etc)

example: If the new immigration bill gets through it will be more difficult for people to come to this country.

definition 9: (Inseparable) To manage to pass through something

example: Water the roof and damaged the ceiling.

definition 10: (Intransitive) To arrive somewhere

example: Please send the fax again because it didn't get through.

Get through to

definition 1: (Inseparable) To make someone understand

example: I just can't get through to her, no matter how many times I expalin what to do.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To contact someone, especially by phone

example: We tried phoning twice but we couldn't get through to him.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To reach a stage of competition

example: .Our team got through to the semi-finals

Get to

definition 1: (Inseparable) To irritate, annoy

example: After a while, the situation really started getting to me.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To arrive

example: When we got to the hotel, we straight to our room.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To start discussing a topic

example: I hope we will have time to get to last month's sales figures during the meeting.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To have the opportunity to do something

example: We got to go waterskiing last weekend.

Get together

definition: (Intransitive) To meet socially

example: We usually get together with friends on weekends.

Get up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To organise

example: They got up a petition with over 2,500 signatures.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To get out of bed

example: He gets up really early during the week.

Get up to

definition: (Inseparable) To do something wrong or naughty

example: His younger brother is always getting up to no good.

Ghost (1)

Ghost away

definition: (Separable [optional]) To discreetly or secretly remove someone

example: In light of the scandal, the director was ghosted away to avoid bad publicity.

Gin (1)

Gin up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To boost, increase or exaggerate

example: He tried to gin up his qualifications for the job by making it look like he had more experience than he really did.

Ginger (1)

Ginger up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To make more lively

example: They tried gingering up the room by painting the walls a bright green.

Give (21)

Give away

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To entrust your daughter to her husband in a marriage ceremony

example: It was difficult for him to give away his only daughter at last week's wedding.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To tell a secret (often unintentionally)

example: He ruined her brother's surpise visit by accidentally giving it away when he last saw her.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To distribute something for free

example: They are giving away a free pair of sunglasses with every trip you book.

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To give without asking for or expecting payment

example: They gave away all of their old furniture when they moved out.

definition 5: (Separable [optional]) To give your opponent an advantage in a sport or competition by making a mistake, playing badly, etc

example: They gave away three goals in the second period.

definition 6: (Separable [optional]) To give an unwanted baby to people in order to bring up

example: She her baby away because she wasn't ready to be a mother.

definition 7: (Inseparable) To betray by reporting someone to the authorities

example: He gave his best friend away to the police for taking part in the crime in order to avoid going to prison.

definition 8: (Separable [optional]) To give your opponent a weight advantage in boxing

example: He is giving 20 pounds away to his opponent in next week's fight.

Give back

definition: (Separable [optional]) To return something

example: She gave my favourite book back after he read it.

Give in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To stop doing something because it's too hard or requires too much energy

example: .

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To submit homework, etc

example: The teacher told us to give our projects in at the end of the month.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To surrender, accept defeat

example: The bank robbers gave in when they say that there was no way to escape.

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To offer or submit for judgement, approval

example: He gave in a proposal for a new building to the city planning commission.

Give in to

definition 1: (Inseparable) To agree to something you don't like

example: The police refused to give in to the hostage taker's demands.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To allow a feeling of desire to control you

example: He went a week without smoking but eventually gave in to his carving.

Give it to

definition: (Inseparable) To criticise harshly or punish someone

example: His teacher really gave it to him for being late to class.

Give it up for

definition: (Inseparable) To applaud

example: Please give it up for our very special guest.

Give it up to

definition: (Inseparable) To applaud

example: Please, give it up to our next guest.

Give of

definition: (Inseparable) To provide help or support without expecting anything in return (especially time or money)

example: If you give of yourself, you can really make a diffeence in someone's life

Give off

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) Tp emit pollution or something else unpleasant

example: Are you sure that fish is fresh? It's giving off a funny scent.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To behave in a way that makes people think of you in a certain way

example: He often gives off a sense of mistrust.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To grow or expand

example: The company is giving off branches in major cities all across Europe.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To take or follow two or more branches of machine code or lines of a programming language (a computer programming term)

example: The functon gives off the information stored in a variable to an application which then sends an email based on its contents.

Give onto

definition: (Inseparable) For a door or window to open into a place

example: The living room window gives onto a beautiful view of the city.

Give out

definition: 1 (Separable [optional]) To distribute

example: They usually give out free newspapers at the bus stop.

definition: 2 (Intransitive) To stop working due to overuse or age

example: He said he'd never buy a new car until it finally gave out last week.

definition: 3 (Intransitive) To have no more of a supply of something

example: The gas in my car gave out on the way home form work yesterday because I had forgotten to stop at the gas station.

definition: 4 (Separable [optional]) To make something public

example: They gave out the names of the competition finalists on Friday.

definition: 5 (Separable [optional]) To emit

example: Cars give out lots of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

definition: 6 (Intransitive) To end or finish somewhere

example: His latest novel gives out in the most surprising way.

definition: 7 (Separable [optional]) To make a noise or sound

example: His stomach gave out a deep grumble because he was hungry.

definition: 8 (Separable [optional]) To read the words of a psalm or hymn aloud for congregational singing

example: The priest gave out the psalm during the mass.

definition: 9 (Intransitive) To moan or complain

example: The kids are always giving out about having to do housework.

Give out to

definition: (Inseparable) To tell off, scold, or nag

example: Her boss gave out to her for making a costly mistake.

Give over

definition 1: (Intransitive) To stop doing something annoying or bad

example: They were teasing so I told them to give over.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To pass on or entrust responsibility

example: He gave over the creative manager position while he was away at the conference.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To stop an ativity

example: The police told the hostage takers to give over and exit the buiding with their hands up.

Give over to

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To devote or dedicate

example: She b>gave herself over to helping the homeless get back on their feet.

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To transfer or entrust responsiblity

example: He gave over control of his business to his eldest son when he retired.

Give up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To stop doing something that wasa habit

example: He gave up smoking three weeks ago.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To end relationships or stop being friendly to someone

example: He gave up all of his old school friends when he moved to another town.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To stop doing something

example: He's given up trying to find a job in his field.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To surrender or stop trying

example: She gave up searching for the right guy.

definition 5: (Separable [optional]) To sacrifice or dedicate time, money, etc to something

example: He gave up his social life in order to focus on his career.

definition 6: (Separable [optional]) To allow someone to take your place or sit in your chair

example: I usually give up my seat to an ealderly person if I see on on the bus.

definition 7: (Separable [optional]) A term used in baseball used when the pitcher allows or gives away a run while pitching

example: He hasn't given up any runs yet all season.

Give up on

definition 1: (Inseparable) To stop believing in or to lose faith something

example: We gavve up on thinking that we'd win the lottery some day.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To lose hope

example: I've given up on his, he never does what he says.

Give up to

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To report to the authorities

example: She gave up her boyfriend to the police.

Give way

definition 1: (Intransitive) To stop and allow vehicles to pass

example: Cars merging with traffic have to give way.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To break or collapse

example: The roof gave way because of too much snow after the blizzard.

Give way to

definition: (Intransitive) To stop and allow vehicles to pass

example: When on the slip road, you must give way to cars on the motorway.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To relinquish a position or ascendancy

example: During the presidential inauguration, the old president gives way to the new one.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To be replaced by something less expensive,

example: Globilization has given way to cheaper Chinese products flooding the market.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To allow a vehicle to pass

example: When, entering traffic, you must give way to other cars on the road.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To surrender to strong emotions

example: She gave way to her frustration and started throwing things at him.

Give yourself up

definition 1: (Inseparable) To surrender to the police or authorities

example: After weeks of being on the run, he gave himself up.

Give yourself up to

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To dedicate time, energy, etc to something

example: He gave himself up to his career in the company.

Gloss (1)

Gloss over

definition: (Inseparable) To minimise the importance of something

example: The media tried to gloss over the event by focusing on another story.

Gnaw (2)

Gnaw at

definition 1: (Inseparable) To annoy, worry or trouble someone

example: I've got something to tell you that has been gnawing at me for some time.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To gradually harm

example: The actions of the police have been gnawing at the public's trust for quite some time.

Gnaw away at

definition: (Inseparable) To gradually harm

example: The opposition's policies have started to gnaw away at the government's credibility.

Go (54)

Go about

definition 1: (Inseparable) To deal with something

example: How should we go about implementing the new rules and regulations?

definition 2: (Intransitive) To circulate

example: There is a rumor going about that our teacher is having an affair with the principle.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To continue doing or to keep busy with something

example: Inspite the fact that terrorism is a serious threat, people should go about their daily business.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To work on something

example: His people have been going about the project for several months.

Go across

definition: (Intransitive) To move to another place or side

example: They went across the street to the store.

Go after

definition: (Inseparable) To chase or try to get

example: MY dog went after the neighbour's cat but it ran away.

Go against

definition: (Inseparable) To lose a decision or verdict in court

example: If the judge goes against my claim, I'll have to make an appeal.

Go ahead

definition: (Intransitive) To proceed or move forward

example: Despite complications, the project went ahead according to plan.

Go ahead with

definition: (Inseparable) To proceed or move forward

example: We decided to go ahead with the second phase of the development on August 21st.

Go around

definition 1: (Inseparable) To accept a suggestion or decision

example: I didn't like the idea but I went along with it anyway.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To accompany

example: His friend went along with him to the football tryouts.

Go around

definition 1: (Intransitive) To circulate

example: What goes around comes around.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To be or have enough of something

example: There was more than enough food to go around at the party.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To visit

example: I went around to see my friend at his house on Sunday.

Go at

definition: (Inseparable) To approach something with vigour or to attack

example: Tara went at Jen because she thought she was trying to get with her boyfriend.

Go away

definition: (Intransitive) To leave a place or disappear

example: We are going away next weekend.

Go back

definition 1: (Intransitive) To have a long history

example: Doug and Jake go back. They've been friends since high school

definition 2: (Inseparable) To return to or start doing again

example: After finishing the test, make sure you go back and check your answers.

Go back on

definition: (Inseparable) To not do what you said you would or to break a promise

example: My brother went back on his word that he wouldn't tell my parents I came home late last week.

Go before

definition: (Intransitive) To precede

example: What has gone before is over and done with. It's time to move on.

Go below

definition: (Intransitive) To go from the top deck of a ship to a lower one

example: The crew went below to see what was wrong with the engine.

Go by

definition 1: (Intransitive) To describe time passing

example: About an hour has gone by since I've last heard from her.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To trust or depend on for correct information

example: Dave has always got his facts straight, So I go by whatever he says.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To pay someone a short visit or call them

example: Monica went by to see her friend from school.

Go down

definition 1: (Intransitive) To decrease or get smaller

example: The temperature has drastically gone down over the past few days.

definition 1: (Intransitive) To sink

example: The ship hit a rock and went down to the bottom of the sea.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To describe the sunseting

example: The sun usually goes down later in the summer time.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To be sent to prison

example: Joey went down for 6 years for robbing a bank.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To become recorded or known as

example: Yesterday went down as the hottest day ever.

definition 5: (Intransitive) To be swallowed or eaten

example: I can't drink vodka, it doesn't go down so well.

definition 6: (Intransitive) To fall to the ground

example: .The power lines went down because of the storm

definition 7: (Intransitive) To take place or happen

example: Something is going down in the city centre, the Polica have blocked off all the major roads.

definition 8: (Intransitive) To stop working (especially for computers)

example: The servers went down last night.

definition 9: (Intransitive) To become dimmer

example: The lights went down when the film started.

definition 10: (Intransitive) To be recieved by people, in terms of their reaction

example: The budget cuts went down very badly among the employees.

Go down on

definition: (Inseparable) To perform oral sex

example: Dan went down on Jamie.

Go down to

definition: (Inseparable) To be defeated

example: Arka Gdynia went down to Legia 4-1.

Go down with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To become sick, ill

example: Frank went down with a soar throat and went home.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To find acceptence

example: There's a good chance that the mayor's proposal will go down with the locals.

Go for

definition 1: (Inseparable) To attack

example: She has an annoying little dog that always goes for your leg whenever you visit.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To be attracted to

example: She tends to go for bad boys.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To choose or select

example: There were so many cute puppies, I didn't know which one to go for.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To try to get

example: He went for the stick but the dog grabbed it before him.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To have something favourable

example: He didn't seem to have much going for him in terms of looks.

definition 6: (Inseparable) To serve as or pass for

example: My laptop is not only needed for my work, it also goes for a source of entertainment when I'm bored.

Go for it

definition: (Inseparable) To be assertive and ready for an action

example: Opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime, you should go for it!

Go forth

definition 1: (Intransitive) To leave a place

example: She went forth and found another job in a different town.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To travel abroad

example: After years of consideration, he finally went forth and moved abroad.

Go forward

definition 1: (Intransitive) To progress

example: The team really seems to be going forward quickly with the new project.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To move clocks ahead

example: The clocks go forward an hour on Saturday.

Go in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To go hospital for treatment or surgery

example: She went in for a lung infection to be treated.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To fit

example: I think I've got the wrong key, it doesn't even want to go in the lock.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To disappear or be obscurred by a cloud

example: He went in the house and that was the last we saw of him.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To attack

example: The SWAT team went in when they heard that hostages were being harmed.

Go in for

definition 1: (Inseparable) To sit an exam or enter a competition

example: He went in for the history exam 20 minutes ago. I hope he passes.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To advocate or support

example: He doesn't really go in for some of the things he says on his youtube channel, he just does it for views.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To like or have an interest in

example: When he was young he went in for guitar lessons twie a week.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To make a career choice

example: She's thinking about going in for her MBA.

Go in with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To for an alliance or union

example: The opposition is going in with the smaller parties to gain majority.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To join or enter

example: They said they would go in with us on the deal on one condition.

Go into

definition 1: (Inseparable) To discuss something in detail

example: We went into the monthly sales reports after the lunch break.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To enter a profession, hospital, trade, market

example: He went into marketing after he graduated from college.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To begin a description or speech

example: She went into a long rant on how little the government does to support single mothers.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To be dedicated or devoted

example: A lot of time and effort went into getting this company started.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To be contained in a larger number

example: Two goes into six three times.

Go it

definition 1: (Intransitive) To behave in a reckless way

example: He's really going it by driving that way.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To move or drive fast

example: She was late because of traffic in town, so she went it on the highway to make up for lost time.

Go it alone

definition: (Intransitive) To do something without any help

example: She doesn't usually work well with others, she prefers to go it alone.

Go off

definition 1: (Intransitive) To explode (a bomb), to start ringing (an alarm)

example: I usually hit the snooze button when my alarm goes off.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To go bad

example: The meat went off because I forgot to put it in the fridge over night.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To start to dislike

example: We went off him when we discovered he was only using us for money.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To leave a place

example: They went off to their cottage for the weekend.

definition 5: (Intransitive) To tke place, follow a pattern or plan

example: The advertising campaign went off well.

definition 6: (Intransitive) To stop working (electric/electronic equipment)

example: The lights went off during the storm because there as a blackout.

Go off with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To elope, run away with someone

example: She went off with her boyfriend to get married in Vegas.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To steel something

example: The bank robbers went off with 2 million dollars.

Go on

definition 1: (Intransitive) To continue

example: She went on talking about her expensive holiday even though no one was listening.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To happean

example: Something must be going on because there's a big crowd in the street.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To start doing or taking something

example: He went on antidepressants to help deal with his depression.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To be guided

example: Go on to 54th street and take a right.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To be almost a certain period of time

example: Their marriage is going on 15 years now.

definition 6: (Intransitive) To make progress

example: The marketing director stopped by to see how the new product launch was going on.

definition 7: (Inseparable) To spend money

example: Most of our income goes on to pay our bills.

definition 8: (Intransitive) To start working (electric/electronic equipment

example: The lights finally went on after the city fixed the blackout after the storm.

definition 9: (Intransitive) A way of encouraging someone

example: Go on, you should buy the new phone. You deserve it!

Go on about

definition: (Inseparable) To talk too much

example: His wife's always going on about how great he is.

Go on at

definition: (Inseparable) To pester, to try and make someone do something by asking or suggesting repeatedly

example: She went on at her parents until they let her go to the party.

Go on to

definition: (Inseparable) To proceed

example: After finishing high school, he went on to study medicine.

Go on with

definition: (Inseparable) To continue doing

example: Sorry for the interruption. Please, go on with what you were saying.

Go out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To stop burning, be extinguished

example: The fire went out during the storm.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To leave a place

example: We're b>going out for a couple of hours.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To go on strike

example: The workers went out for better working conditions.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To become unfashionable

example: Those shoes went out last year.

definition 5: (Intransitive) Used to describe the tide moving backwards

example: The tide usually goes out in the evening.

definition 6: (Intransitive) To be eliminated from a competition

example: Germany wnet out in the semi-finals.

definition 7: (Intransitive) To be transmitted

example: The report went out on the 5 o'clock news.

definition 8: (Intransitive) To be sent out

example: The email about the company picnic went out this morning.

definition 9: (Intransitive) To intend

example: He didn't go out tupset her with what he said.

Go out for

definition: (Inseparable) To apply for something, become a candidate

example: Dave is going out for the position of regional manager.

Go out to

definition: (Inseparable) Feel sympathy with someone

example: Our hearts and prayers go out t the family members of the crash victims.

Go out with

definition: (Inseparable) To have a romantic relationship with someone

example: Kathy and Eric have been going out for 3 months now.

Go over

definition 1: (Inseparable) To revise or look at something

example: My boss asked me to go over the monthly budget one more time.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To visit

example: Bob went over to the neighbour's house for a few minutes.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To be accepted or approved

example: Our proposal went over well with the board.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To explain or repeat

example: Could you go over the instructions with me one more time please?

definition 5: (Inseparable) To clean

example: She went over the kitchen counter with a wet rag.

Go over to

definition 1: (Inseparable) To go on a journey

example: My friend is going over to the states for a couple of months.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To become converted

example: Hs daughter went over to Judaism after she got married.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To change to something different

example: I used to be a PC user until I went over to Apple.

Go past

definition: (Inseparable) To pass something/someone without stopping

example: I think she's mad at me, she went past without even saying "hello".

Go round

definition 1: (Intransitive) To have or be enough of something

example: I'm afraid there aren't enough chairs to go around, some people will have to stand.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To circulate

example: Have you heard the rumour about Betty going around?

definition 3: (Intransitive) To visit

example: They usually go round to their parent's house on the weekend.

Go through

definition 1: (Inseparable) To experience (usually something bad)

example: She went through hell living with her in-laws.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To read again

example: I went through my test to make sure I hadn't missed anything.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To search or examine

example: He went through his closet to throw out any clothes he didn't use.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To follow procedures or do something in a certain way

example: The bill must go through a lot of red tap before it can be passed.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To explain

example: he went through every point in his presentation in a clear and understandable way.

definition 6: (Intransitive) To be sanctoned or formally approved

example: The legislation b>went through two days ago.

definition 7: (Inseparable) To enter

example: Despite her poor grades, she was allowed to go through the exam.

definition 8: (Inseparable) To spend or consume

example: Our family a lot of food each week.

definition 9: (Inseparable) To perform or carry something out

example: He went through his tasks at work with great difficulty after hearing the news.

Go through with

definition: (Inseparable) To complete or do something you have agreed upon

example: The developer is to go through with phase 2 of the development in June.

Go to

definition: (Inseparable) To allocate money

example: Most of our incomegoes to pay for our monthly bills.

Go together

definition: (Intransitive) To harmonize or be compatible

example: Unfortunately, this software doesn't go together with older versions of Windows.

Go towards

definition: (Inseparable) To contribute

example: The money is supposed to go towards his college tuition.

Go under

definition 1: (Intransitive) To go bankrupt

example: The company went under because it couldn't pay off its debt.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To lose consciousness

example: He went under shortly after the anaesthic was administered.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To sink

example: The ship went under in yesterday's heavy storm.

Go up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To climb or rise

example: Gas prices went up last month.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To approach

example: We went up and asked the guy at the information desk where the food court was.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To be built

example: A lot of new office buildings have been going up in our area recently.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To be heard

example: The roar of the crowd went up when they scored in the last 10 seconds of the game.

definition 5: (Intransitive) To be promoted

example: Dan went up to general manager because he has a lot of know-how.

Go up to

definition 1: (Inseparable) To approach

example: no one came to our table, so I went up to the wait stand and asked for the bill.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To attend a university

example: He went up to Oxford University to study law.

definition 3: (Inseparable) to reach

example: The show is based on a trilogy of novels. Season one goes up to the end of book one.

Go with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To combine nicely

example: Black goes with most colours.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To accompany

example: If you're going to see Doug in the hospital, I'll go with you.

definition 3: (Inseparable) to accept, agree to

example: We've decided to go with your proposal to renovate the office.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To date, have a romantic relationship with someone

example: She's been going with him for quite some time.

Go without

definition 1: (Inseparable) To not have

example: He went without breakfast because he woke up late today.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To manage or cope without having something

example: If the flyers aren't ready in time, we'll have to go without them.

Goof (4)

Goof around

definition: (Intransitive) To fool around, not be serious

example: Quit goofing around and get back to work!

Goof off

definition: (Intransitive) To avoid or leave work

example: You'd better not let your boss catch you goofing off.

Goof on

definition: (Inseparable) To make fun of or tease someone

example: She doesn't appreciate you guys always goofing on her like that.

Goof up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To make a mistake or spoil something

example: How could you goof up something as simple as that?

Grasp (1)

Grasp at

definition 1: (Inseparable) To attempt to take hold of something quickly

example: She grasped at the rail before she fell.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To take an opportunity without hesitation

example: We grasped at the chance to buy the house before anyone else did.

Grass (2)

Grass on

definition: (Inseparable) To report on someone to a person of authority

example: They grassed on him for taking part in the robbery.

Grass up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To report on someone to a person of authority

example: She grassed him up to the police and got 12 months in jail.

Grey (1)

Grey out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To disable a function in a computer program, leaving it visible but not working

example: The ave button will be greyed out until the form has been completed.

Grind (6)

Grind away

definition: (Intransitive) To keep working at something

example: Our boss made us keep grinding away at the reports until they were done.

Grind down

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To slowly reduce something

example: They had to grind down the outer surface of the body in order to remove the rust.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To reduce or destroy someone's enthusiasim

example: His constant complaining grinds the rest of the team down.

Grind into

definition: (Separable [optional]) To press or twist something hard into something else

example: He grinded his nails into his arm to deal with the pain.

Grind on

definition 1: (Intransitive) To relentlessly proceed

example: If you want to succeed in life, you must grind on to achieve your goals.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To talk endlessly

example: She was still grinding on about how upset she was when we returned from the shop.

Grind out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To produce something with great difficulty

example: It took him weeks to grind out the code needed for the application.

Grind up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To reduce to small pieces

example: You must grind it up into a fine powder for it to work.

Grow (13)

Grow apart

definition: (Intransitive) To stop having a close relationship or become distant due to time, distance, interests changes

example: KAthy and her best friend grew apart when she went to college.

Grow away from

definition: (Inseparable) To become less friendly with someone

example: They've grown away from many people in their old community since they moved away.

Grow back

definition: (Intransitive) To grow again

example: He usually shaves his head for the summer and let it grow back for the winter.

Grow from

definition 1: (Inseparable) To grow and to fit into larger clothes

example: Those shoes are a bit big for him but he'll grow into them.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To mature or change into

example: I can't believe what a handsome young man you've grown into.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To develop or change over time to fit something

example: I had some trouble growing into the job when I first started working here.

Grow on

definition 1: (Inseparable) To like something that you didn't at first

example: I used to hate this neighbourhood but it's actually grown on me recently.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To have a greater degree of acceptance or influence

example: Originally, I couldn't understand her idea but it has grown on me.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To gradually become more evident

example: I didn't suspect them at first but as they talked more about it a feeling of suspicion grew on me.

Grow out

definition: (Intransitive) To let hair, etc, with dyes, perms grow to get rid of the style

example: I think I'm going to let my hair grow out and just dye the roots again.

Grow out of

definition 1: (Inseparable) To grow too large for clothes

example: My son grew out of his shoes, so we took him to get a new pair.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To lose interest in something as you get older or more mature

example: He used to like lego but grew out of it when he became a teenager.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To develop or result from something

example: The idea for the product grew out of a need that came out of different one.

Grow to

definition: (Intransitive) To eventually do something

example: My parents grew to like my new girlfriend.

Grow together

definition: (Intransitive) To gradually become attached, united or close

example: .

Grow up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To mature, become an adult

example: She grew up in the south.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To emerge, arise

example: Ecommerce grew up very rapidly in our city.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To develop in a place or for a reason (city, town, etc)

example: London grew up as a European tech hub.

Grow up on

definition: (Inseparable) To do or have something when you were a child

example: We grew up on Saturday morning cartoons.

Grow upon

definition 1: (Inseparable) To like something that you didn't at first

example: I didn't like their new song at first but it grew upon me.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To have a greater degree of acceptance or influence

example: As time went on, his views and opinions grew upon us.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To gradually become more evident

example: A feeling of of happiness grew upon her when she realised she was going home.

Gun (1)

Gun for

definition: (Inseparable) To try and destroy an opponent

example: Her boss is gunning for her because she made him look bad at a meeting.

Gussy (1)

Gussy up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To improve the appearance of something or dress smartly

example: You'd better gussy up for your interview to show you're serious about the job.

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