Phrasal Verbs Beginning with “C”

This page contains an extensive list of phrasal verbs beginning with "C". Click one of the letters below for a list of phrasal verbs, definitions, and examples starting with another letter.



























Call (12)

Call after

definition: (Separable) To name someone after someone else

example: He was called Dave after his grandfather.

Call around

definition 1: (Intransitive) To phone a bunch of people

example: Let me call around and see what everyone is doing this weekend.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To visit

example: She said she called around but I wasn't at home.

Call at

definition: (Inseparable) To enter a port or harbour

example: The cruise ship call at Oasis of the Seas.

Call back

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To return a phone call

example: He said he couldn't talk and would call me back.

Call for

definition 1: (Inseparable) To demand

example: The opposition called for a reelection in light of the ruling party's scandal.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To go to collect something

example: The waiter called for his order but the cook told him it wasn't ready yet.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To telephone for something

example: They drank too much so the bar tender had to call for a cab.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To go and fetch or collect someone in order to take them out

example: He said he'd call for us at around 8pm because the reservations are for 9pm.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To require

example: This situation calls for some creative thinking.

Call forth

definition: (Separable [optional]) To make something happen

example: The new government legislation called forth angry protests.

Call in

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To get someone to come and do a job

example: The sink is backed up again, it looks like were going to have to call in the plumber.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To stop and visit

example: She called in on her brother on my way home from work to see how he was doing.

Call off

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To cancel

example: They had to call off the football match because of rain.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To order someone to stand down or stop attacking

example: They have to call their dog off every time the mail man comes.

Call on

definition 1: (Inseparable) To ask for help

example: The president called on other countries to combat climate change.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To visit

example: I called on my friend because I was in town but she was out.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To ask someone to do something, like speak in public (formal)

example: The chairman of the board called on me to give my presentation first.

definition 4: (Separable [obligatory]) To challenge

example: His opponent called him out to a rematch.

Call out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To expose or accuse someone of incompetence or wrong doing

example: They called the contractor out on his lousy job and demanded that he redo it.

Call round

definition: (Intransitive) To visit

example: She called round some of her friends and they went out for the evening.

Call up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To phone someone

example: I called up some of my friends and we went to the bar.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To summon someone for military service

example: The army had to call up the reserves to help with the natural disaster.

Calm (1)

Calm down

definition: (Separable [optional]) To stop being emotionally excited or upset, angry

example: It's really hard to calm him down when he gets angry.

Cancel (1)

Cancel out

definition: (Separable [optional]) Taking things back to the beginning, having an opposite effect on something that has happened

example: The recent price hike has cancelled out the benefit from the recent government baby bonus.

Cap (1)

Cap off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To finish or complete, often with some decisive action

example: They stopped the flood by capping off the flow of water from the river.

Care (1)

Care for

definition 1: (Inseparable) To have a fondness, liking, taste for

example: She really doesn't care for horror films.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To be fond of or attached to

example: You can tell he cares for her, he's always buying her expensive presents.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To mind, tend to, or provide treatment for

example: Her mother always cared for her when she was sick.

Carried (1)

Carried away

definition: (Intransitive) To get so emotional that you lose control

example: Joanne gets a little carried away at times.

Carry (7)

Carry forward

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To include a figure in a later calculation

example: The company carried it's losses forward into the next quarter.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To make progress

example: The team managed to really carry the project forward last month.

Carry off

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To win or succeed

example: Mark carried off the prize for best costume at last year's Halloween party.

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To die of a disease

example: Unfortunately, cancer carried Fred off last month.

Carry on

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To continue

example: She carried on talking even though nobody was listening.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To misbehave or behave badly

example: He had a hard time with the kids because they carried on all evening.

Carry on with

definition: (Inseparable) To have an affair

example: Poor David, Sarah's been carrying on with her boss for the past couple of years, and he doesn't suspect a thing.

Carry out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To execute a plan or task

example: We had to carry out the boss's orders.

Carry over

definition: (Separable [optional]) To continue past a certain point

example: Last night's dinner party carried over into the early hours of the morning.

Carry though

definition: (Separable [optional]) To complete something successfully

example: George carried the assignment through brilliantly.

Cart (1)

Cart off

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To take someone away, usually to prison or under arrest

example: The suspect was carted of by the police.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To take something away, especially if stealing or without permission

example: He was upset because someone carted his bike off while he was in the shop.

Carve (2)

Carve out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To make or create (a career)

example: She carved out a very successful business in the local market.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To remove from a larger whole

example: After everyone got a piece of the cake, he carved out a big piece for myself.

Carve up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To divide up into small pieces

example: The company was cared up and sold off by it's parent company in order to deal with it's financial problems.

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To overtake someone and then pull directly in front of a car

example: Some lunatic carved us up on the way home from work, good thing I reacted in time.

Cash (4)

Cash in

definition: (Separable [optional]) To convert bonds, casino chips, stock shares, etc into money

example: You'd better quit and cash in on your winnings while you're still ahead.

Cash in on

definition: (Inseparable) To make money on or benefit from something, especially if done unfairly

example: There are so many people just waiting to cash in on their misfortune.

Cash out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To steal money by illegally accessing a credit card or bank account

example: The thief somehow got a hold of her bank card details and cash out a small fortune buying things online.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To collect winnings or exchange money for something

example: He cashed out his chips after winning at the casino.

Cash up

definition: (Intransitive) To count all the money at the end of the day by a shop or business

example: They always cash out the cash registers fifteen minutes before they close.

Cast (7)

Cast about for

definition: (Inseparable) To try and find something

example: The company is casting about for a new marketing director.

Cast around for

definition: (Inseparable) To try and find something

example: She is casting around for a new job but still hasn't found anything yet.

Cast aside

definition: (Separable [optional]) To dispose or get rid of something, to ignore because you no longer like someone or something

example: She felt cast aside by her ex-boyfriend when stopped calling her.

Cast off

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To dispose or get rid of

example: He cast off his calm demeanour and began yelling at the restaurant employee.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To untie a boat so that it's free to sail

example: They cast off and left the harbour for a day on the lake.

Cast out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To remove, expel or eject

example: Security had to cast him out because he was being aggressive.

Cast round for

definition: (Inseparable) To try and find something

example: We spent an hour casting round for a place to park.

Cast up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To be left on the shore by the sea

example: Lots of debris was cast up by the waves.

Catch (7)

Catch at

definition: (Inseparable) To take or grab a hold of something

example: His mother caught at his arm and asked him where he thought he was going.

Catch on

definition 1: (Intransitive) To become popular

example: He didn't expect tight jeans to catch on.

definition 2: (intransitive) To understand or know how something works

example: Carol is a fast learner, he catches on quickly.

Catch out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To trick or deceive someone

example: Some of the interview questions were designed to catch you out.

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To discover or prove that someone is lying

example: The interviewer caught her out on some things she put down in her CV.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To put someone in a difficult unexpected situation (often used in the passive)

example: They were caught out in the rain and got completely soaked.

Catch up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To get work, your studies, etc up to date

example: He was sick last week so he has to catch up with the rest of the class.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To reach someone who was ahead of you

example: You walk really fast, I had to run to catch up with you.

Catch up in

definition: (Inseparable) To become involved in something (often against one's will)

example: We got caught up in the argument, even though we were only trying to diffuse the situation.

Catch up on

definition 1: (Inseparable) To do something that should have been done earlier

example: He's needs to catch up on his homework, he's really behind.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To reminisce with an old friend after not seeing each other for a while

example: I saw an old friend I hadn't seen in a while, it was great catching up on old times.

Catch up with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To do something that should have been done earlier

example: I need to catch up with the housework, there's just so much to do.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To meet someone after a period of time and find out what they have ben doing

example: She caught up with her old friend from high school.

definition 3: (Inseparable) When something negative starts to have an effect

example: If you lie a lot, it'll catch up with you sooner or later.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To punish someone after they have been doing something wrong for a long period of time

example: The police finally caught up with the hackers for stealing people's credit card information.

definition 5: (Inseparable) To learn something that many people already understand

example: My grandmother finally caught up with using email.

Cater (2)

Cater for

definition: (Inseparable) To provide what is necessary

example: The company caters for the needs of it's clients.

Cater to

definition: (Inseparable) To provide what is needed (ie: products, services)

example: We cater to some of the biggest companies in the UK.

Cave (1)

Cave in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To collapse or implode

example: The structure caved in because it was poorly designed.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To stop resisting or refusing

example: His parent finally caved in and bought him the toy he had been asking for.

Chalk (3)

Chalk out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To cut a line of cocaine

example: They chalked out a couple of lines before they went to the club.

Chalk up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To achieve something good

example: They chalked up several business deals last year.

Chalk up to

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To explain the reason for a problem

example: The local small businesses chalked the lack of tourists up to the poor weather.

Chance (1)

Chance upon

definition: (Inseparable) To find something by chance

example: We chanced upon a really nice restaurant in the city center while we were out yesterday.

Charge (3)

Charge at

definition: (Inseparable) To run or move aggressively in the direction of someone/something

example: The bull charged at the crowd.

Charge up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To put electricity into a battery

example: My phone's dead, can I charge it up at your house?

Charge with

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To accuse someone of a crime

example: The court court charged him with reckless driving.

Chase (3)

Chase down

definition: (Separable [optional]) To try really hard to get or find something or someone

example: If he isn't at home, you can chase him down at work.

Chase off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To force someone or something to leave or go away

example: The farmer had to chase crows off from his crops.

Chase up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To ensure that someone remembers something

example: Daniel had to chase Tom up for the money he owed him.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To try and get someone to pay a bill, debt, etc

example: The Department of Revenue is chasing him up for his unpaid taxes.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To try and get more information about the progress of something

example: I have been chasing someone from the bank down in order to get more information on their business accounts.

Chat (2)

Chat away

definition: (Intransitive) To talk in a free and friendly manner

example: They chatted the night away.

Chat up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To talk to someone that you are attracted to in order to get them interested in you

example: If you like her, you should try chatting her up.

Cheat (2)

Cheat on

definition: (Inseparable) To be unfaithful to your spouse or partner

example: She cheated on him with someone from work.

Cheat out off

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To get money from someone under false pretences

example: He cheated us out of $300.

Check (6)

Check by

definition: (Inseparable) To visit a place in order to check something

example: She checked by the office to see how the project was going.

Check in

definition: (Separable [optional]) To register upon arriving at an airport or hotel

example: We checked in at the airport and waited for our flight.

Check into

definition: (Separable [optional]) To register upon arriving at an airport or hotel

example: After checking into the hotel, we went and got something to eat.

Check off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To mark something on a list as complete

example: There were so many things to check off on the list.

Check out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To pay the bill when leaving a hotel

example: We checked out of the hotel and headed for the airport.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To die / pass away

example: Unfortunately, he checked out three days ago, the funeral is on Friday.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To get information about or to inspect something to see if it's good

example: Have you checked out that new superhero movie? Is it any good?

Check over

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To thoroughly check something

example: He checked his car's engine over before starting his road trip.

Cheer (2)

Cheer on

definition: (Separable [optional]) To encourage

example: We always cheer our country's athletes on during major sporting events.

Cheer up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To stop being unhappy or help someone have a better mood

example: She was devastated after he left her, so we took her out to cheer her up.

Chew (5)

Chew off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To remove by biting

example: My dog chewed one of the fingers on my glove off.

Chew on

definition: (Inseparable) To carefully think of or consider something before making a decision

example: The client said that he needed a day or two to chew on the agreement proposed before signing.

Chew out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To yell at or angrily criticize someone

example: My parents used to always chew me out for coming home late and not calling.

Chew over

definition: (Separable [optional]) To think about an issue

example: The council had to chew the migration issue over before making a decision.

Chew up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To cut something into small pieces with your teeth

example: He said his dog chewed up his homework.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To damage something inside of a machine

example: His report got chewed up in photocopier's autofeed.

Chicken (1)

Chicken out

definition: (Intransitive) To be too afraid of something

example: My friends wanted me to go sky diving with them but I chickened out in the end.

Chill (1)

Chill out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To relax

example: We usually just watch a film and chill out on Friday evenings.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To calm down

example: He was only joking, chill out!

Chime (1)

Chime in

definition: (Intransitive) To contribute to a discussion

example: He was quite throughout the entire meeting but chimed in with a really suggestion at the end.

Chip (2)

Chip away at

definition: (Inseparable) To gradually reduce something, to make less effective, powerful, etc

example: Recent scandals have been chipping away at the Prime Minister's popularity.

Chip in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To contribute something to a cause

example: The whole community chipped in to buy Billy a wheel chair.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To contribute in the making of a decision

example: Darrell has a few ideas that he'd like to chip in during today's meeting.

Choke (3)

Choke off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To stop or restrict

example: The military choked off the supplies going to the rebels by taking back the town.

Choke out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To overwhelm or clog something

example: The international company is choking out local business by providing products at lower prices.

Choke up

definition: (Intransitive) To become tearfully emotional

example: She choked up when she said goodbye to her colleagues from work.

Choose (2)

Choose from

definition: (Transitive) To select freely from, after careful consideration

example: There were so many different models to choose from.

Choose up

definition: (Intransitive) To form groups or teams

example: Every Saturday we used to choose up and play hockey at the local park.

Chop (2)

Chop down

definition: (Separable [optional]) To cut down a tree

example: The city chopped the tree in front of our house down because it was interfering with the power lines.

Chop up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To cut into small pieces

example: He chopped the onion up and fryed it in a pan.

Chow (2)

Chow down

definition: (Intransitive) To Eat

example: We've got 15 minutes before our flight chow down.

Chow down on

definition: (Inseparable) To eat something

example: I always love the summer time because we get to chow down on my brother's famous Barbecue ribs.

Chuck (4)

Chuck away

definition: (Separable [optional]) To dispose of something that you no longer need or want

example: We chucked a lot of things we didn't use away during our spring cleaning.

Chuck in

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To quit something

example: He chucked his unhealthy diet in when he heard he had a high cholesterol.

definition 2: (Separable [optional) To make a comment

example: She chucked a few points regarding the working conditions in at the end of the meeting.

Chuck out

definition: (Separable [optional) To dispose of something you no longer need or want

example: My old shoes no longer fit me so I chucked them out.

Chuck up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To vomit, be sick

example: She doesn't hold her alcohol very well, she usually ends up chucking up all over herself and passing out.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To quit something

example: He chucked his old job up because he didn't like the working conditions.

Churn (1)

Churn out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To produce large amounts of something very quickly, usually with little regard to quality

example: Once the machine is ready, it can churn out a hundred pieces per minute.

Clag (1)

Clag up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To make something sticky

example: We had to call a plumber because our pipes got clagged up.

Clam (1)

Clam up

definition: (Intransitive) To refuse to speak, to keep quiet

example: She clammed up when the police started asking about her brother's involvement in the crime.

Clamp (1)

Clamp down on

definition: (Inseparable) To restrict or to try and stop something

example: The government has decided to clamp down on tax evasion.

Claw (1)

Claw back

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To get money back

example: At least we claw back some of the money we've given the government in taxes every year.

definition 2: (Separable [optional) To retake or regain possession of something with difficulty

example: The rebels have clawed back territory tht the government retook last week.

Clean (4)

Clean off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To remove dirt or dust

example: We need to clean the dust off an antique chair we found in the attic.

Clean out

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To throw away unwanted things and thoroughly tidy up

example: I had some time last weekend so I cleaned out the garage.

Clean up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To tidy and clean

example: She needed some help cleaning up her flat after the party.

Clear (4)

Clear away

definition 1: (Intransitive) To leave place

example: We were cleared away from the scene of the bank robbery by the police.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To remove or tidy

example: I clear my children's toys away every evening.

Clear off

definition: (Intransitive) To leave somewhere quickly

example: Most of the rioters cleared off when the police showed up.

Clear out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To thoroughly tidy up and throw away unwanted things

example: We spent Saturday cleaning out our garage, you wouldn't believe some of the junk we found.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To leave somewhere

example: The teenagers were told to clear out because they were making too much noise.

Clear up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To cure or recover from an infection

example: She had a bad case of the measles but they finally cleared up.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To explain

example: I need you to clear up a few things with the contract before I sign it.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To improve (weather)

example: It's been raining all morning but it should clear up in the afternoon.

Click (1)

Click through

definition: (Inseparable) To open an advertisement on the internet

example: I sometimes click through the ads on web pages.

Climb (1)

Climb down

definition: (Intransitive) To accept that you are wrong and change your position

example: The Human Resources Director had to climb down from his new proposal of staff having to stay late at work at least one day a week because it wasn't very popular among employees.

Cling (3)

Cling on

definition: (Intransitive) To hold tight

example: He told her to cling on as he opened the motorcycle's throttle.

Cling onto

definition: (Inseparable) To try to keep something

example: People often cling onto their old habits.

Cling to

definition: (Inseparable) To try and maintain beliefs, hopes, etc.

example: Many people cling to their old ways and can't accept new ideas.

Clog (1)

Clog up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To block or slow the movement of something

example: Every morning, the roads leading to the city centre get clogged up.

Close (8)

Close down

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To close a shop, branch, or business permanently

example: Lots of shops have closed down in my town since the new sales tax law.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To stop an opponent from being a threat or challenge

example: The referee closed the other team down by giving their star player a five minute penalty and the end of the match.

Close in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To surround or envelop

example: The trees closed in around us as we went deeper into the forest.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To approach or get near

example: Police closed in on the suspect who was hiding in an old abandoned house.

Close in on

definition: (Inseparable) To get near someone / something

example: Police closed in on the suspect with caution because he was armed and dangerous.

Close in upon

definition: (Inseparable) To get near someone / something

example: The kennel workers slowly closed in upon the stray dog with a net .

Close off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To stop people from entering a place by blocking it

example: Police closed off the main street in my town while a movie was being filmed.

Close on

definition: (Inseparable) To get nearer

example: He doesn't make as much as his brother but he is slowly closing on him.

Close out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To bring something to an end

example: They closed out the meeting early because the discussion was leading no where.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To close or stop using

example: He closed out his subscription with his internet service provider because he was unhappy with their service.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To ignore or exclude

example: She felt very closed out at the party because no one wanted to talk to her.

Close up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To completely close something

example: He closed up the restaurant and went home.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To join together

example: The curtains closed up after the play had ended.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To move closer together

example: The people on the bus closed up to make more room, despite it being packed.

Cloud (2)

Cloud over

definition: (Intransitive) To get very cloudy

example: It looked like it was going to be a sunny day in the morning but it clouded up by noon and rained for the rest of the day.

Cloud up

definition: (Intransitive) To become cloudy

example: It was a nice day until it clouded up.

Clown (2)

Clown about

definition: (Intransitive) To behave stupidly or waste time

example: Can you stop clowning about and give me a hand?

Clown around

definition: (Intransitive) To behave stupidly or waste time

example: They were clowning around all lesson and didn't know what the assignment was.

Coast (1)

Coast along

definition: (Intransitive) To do something without making much effort or trying to improve

example: He's been coasting along all semester, he really would do well if he applied himself more.

Cobble (1)

Cobble together

definition: (Separable[optional]) To produce, assemble or make something quickly without much care

example: She cobble her essay together at the last minute.

Cock (1)

Cock up

definition: (Separable[optional]) To spoil or ruin something

example: I can't believe he managed to cock everything up, even a child could have done it.

Colour (1)

Colour up

definition: (Intransitive) To blush

example: She coloured up when she heard that they knew her embarrassing secret.

Come (38)

Come about

definition 1: (Intransitive) To happen or occur

example: A new trend in technology has come about.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To shift or change direction (nautical)

example: The captain told his helmsman to come about to a heading of 120 degrees.

Come across

definition 1: (Inseparable) To find by accident

example: She was cleaning the attic and came across some of her old childhood photos.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To give consent to have sexual intercourse

example: I didn't expect her to come across like that on the first date.

definition 3: (Intransitive) Describing the way other people perceive or see you

example: He comes across as a tough guy at first, but he's a real softy once you get to know him.

Come along

definition 1: (Intransitive) To accompany

example: We invited Gerry to come along camping with us this weekend.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To move faster or keep up

example: Come along, we need to hurry up or we'll be late for the train.

Come apart

definition: (Intransitive) To break into pieces

example: I didn't expect it to come apart like that as soon as I touched it, I'm really sorry for breaking it.

Come around

definition 1: (Intransitive) To recover consciousness

example: He was knocked out but finally came around after 30 minutes.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To visit a place

example: Why don't you come around and visit us this Friday if you're not doing anything.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To eventually agree to something after a long wait

example: He doesn't like the idea of his wife going mountain climbing by herself but he'll come around.

Come around to

definition: (Inseparable) To accept or agree with something that you had previously disliked or disapproved of

example: He didn't used to like chinese food but he's started coming around to it.

Come back

definition: (Intransitive) To return

example: Our dog escaped the yard but came back an hour later.

Come before

definition: (Inseparable) To appear in court when charged with a crime or offence

example: She came before the judge and pleaded guilty.

Come by

definition 1: (Intransitive) To visit

example: My friend came by for a coffee and a chat.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To acquire

example: He was very lucky to come by small fortune in the late 90s.

Come down

definition 1: (Intransitive) To rain

example: Look at the rain coming down, we should wait until it stops.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To travel

example: My brother's are coming down to see me this summer.

Come down on

definition: (Inseparable) To heavily criticise

example: His boss really came down on him for his monthly sales forecast.

Come down to

definition: (Inseparable) To amount to the most important thing or aspect

example: If you want to succeed in life, it all comes down to working really hard and never giving up.

Come down upon

definition: (Inseparable) To criticise or reprimand severely

example: Her boss came down on her for losing a major client.

Come down with

definition: (Inseparable) To become sick or ill

example: He's not at work this week because he came down with the flu.

Come forth

definition: (Intransitive) To appear

example: A bid for their car came forth at the last minute.

Come forth with

definition: (Inseparable) To provide information

example: A witness came forth with key testimony that proved he was not guilty.

Come from

definition: (Inseparable) Describing the town or country you were born in or originated from

example: He originally came from Canada but he lives here now.

Come in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To arrive for flights

example: His flight came in about 10 minutes ago.

definition 2: (Inseparable) Place or ranking in a competition, etc.

example: His project came in first place at the science fair.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To receive news

example: Reports are coming in that there was an earthquake.

Come in for

definition: (Inseparable) To receive (criticism or praise)

example: Larry has come in for a lot of criticisim lately.

Come into

definition 1: (Inseparable) To be important or relevant

example: He won't do it because of his value system, money doesn't come into it.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To inherit

example: She came into a small fortune when her uncle passed away.

Come into use

definition: (Intransitive) To start being used

example: The new system came into use last week.

Come off

definition 1: (Intransitive) To break or fall off of something

example: He had a bicycle accident and his wheel came off.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To be successful

example: We were surprised that the deal came off so easily.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To appear or seem

example: She came off as a bit rude.

Come off it

definition: (Inseparable) I don't believe what you're saying (used as an imperative)

example: Come off it: stop making up silly stories.

Come on

definition 1: (Intransitive) Used when giving someone encouragement

example: Come on, you can do it. We believe in you!

definition 2: (Intransitive) Used when describing the starting of an illness

example: I don't feel so well, I can feel a cold coming on.

definition 3: (Intransitive) Used to describe the start of something functioning (ie: machines)

example: The sprinklers usually come on at about 8pm.

Come out

definition 1: (Intransitive) When a secret is revealed

example: When news of the scandal came out, his political career was over.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To be published or made available to the public

example: I can't wait for the new Star Wars movie to come out.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To disappear when washed

example: I really hope these coffee stains come out.

definition 4: (Intransitive) To openly let people know that you are gay or lesbian

example: She came out in high school and is now living with her partner, Liz.

Come out in

definition: (Inseparable) To have a rash or skin disorder

example: He fell in a patch of poison ivy and came out in a terrible rash.

Come out of

definition: (Inseparable) To regain consciousness

example: She's really lucky, most people never come out of a coma.

Come out with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To make something available

example: My favourite band came out with their new album this month.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To unexpectedly say something publicly

example: He suddenly came out with an absurd question.

Come over

definition 1: (Inseparable) To visit someone's hose as a guest

example: My friends came over last weekend and we had a barbecue.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To feel strange

example: I suddenly came over dizzy and weak so I had to lay down.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To affect mentally so that your behaviour changes

example: I'm sorry for yelling at you yesterday, I don't know what came over me.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To change a side or point of view

example: He used to play for the Dodgers until he came over to the Blue Jays.

Come round

definition 1: (Intransitive) To come to someone's house or a place for a short visit

example: Jeremy came round to my work to drop off some of my stuff I left at his place.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To become conscious or wake up from an anesthetic

example: We were all standing around her bed when she came round after her operation.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To change an opinion or point of view

example: At first, she didn't like the idea of camping but she eventually came round and went with us.

Come through

definition 1: (Intransitive) To arrive (messages and information)

example: There is new coming through of a major explosion in a chemical factory in China.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To pass in between

example: Make way everyone, coming through.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To communicate an emotion

example: His sorrow really came through at the funeral.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To provide something needed

example: You an count on James, he always comes through.

Come through with

definition: (Inseparable) To provide something needed

example: I'm sure that Dave will come through with the tickets if he said he can get them.

Come to

definition 1: (Intransitive) To become conscious or wake up from anesthetic

example: He came to after 30 minutes of lying unconscious on the field.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To result in

example: There was a heavy storm last night which came to lots of power lines being knocked over by trees.

Come up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To appear or suddenly happen

example: He said that he had to cancel lunch because something came up at work.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To rise (the sun)

example: He's usually awake before the sun come up.

Come up against

definition: (Inseparable) To encounter problems or difficulties

example: The project had to be delayed because the developer came up against some zoning issues.

Come up with

definition: (Inseparable) To think of something (ie: a solution, song, exuse, etc.)

example: He always comes up with an excuse for not doing his homework.

Come upon to

definition: (Inseparable) To find by chance

example: We came upon this diamond ring in the park.

Conjure (1)

Conjure up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To create a picture in someone's memory

example: It conjures up memories from my high school days.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To create something without many resources

example: We had unexpected quests so I had to conjure up something for dinner with what we had in the fridge.

Conk (1)

Conk out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To fall fast asleep

example: He was so tired after work that he conked out without even getting changed.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To suddenly break down or stop working

example: The photocopier conked out so we had to call a service man.

Contract (3)

Contract in

definition: (Intransitive) To become involved in or committed to something

example: Many local business owners have contracted in to help rebuild the town hall.

Contract out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To give a contract for a service to a professional or external company

example: Our company has contracted out certain positions in order to cut costs.

Contract out of

definition: (Inseparable) To formally leave an agreement

example: The terms of the agreement became less beneficial to him over time so he contracted out of it.

Cool (2)

Cool down

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To become cooler

example: You need to let the turbine cool down before you turn the engine off.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To become calm

example: He got really upset and went outside to cool down a bit.

Cool off

definition: (Intransitive ) To become calm

example: I think you should let Lisa cool offbefore you start talking to her.

Coop (1)

Coop up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To confine in a small area

example: She's claustrophobic, she doesn't like being cooped up in small places.

Cop (3)

Cop it

definition: (Intransitive) To get into trouble

example: He really copped it when he got caught selling drugs.

Cop off

definition 1: (Intransitive) To leave work or school early

example: I'm copping off work early on Friday because we're going fishing.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To kiss, pet, or have sexual intercourse with someone

example: Julie copped off with Sam after the prom in the parking lot.

Cop out

definition: (Intransitive) To choose an easy alternative

example: She was going to go to medical school to become a surgeon but she copped out and became a nurse instead.

Cost (1)

Cost up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To calculate how expensive something is going to be

example: We have to cost up the work that needs to be done and we'll let you know tomorrow.

Cotton (1)

Cotton on

definition: (Intransitive) To work out the truth

example: It didn't take me long to cotton on that they were planning a surprise party for my birthday.

Cough (1)

Cough up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To lose possession of the ball, etc in a contact sport

example: He coughed up the ball after being checked and the other team scored a goal.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To expel something from your lungs or throat by coughing

example: It sounds like he's coughing up a lung in there. I hope he's alright.

Could (2)

Could do with

definition: (Inseparable) To need or want something

example: I really could do with a cup of coffee.

Could do without

definition: (Inseparable) Used when describing something unecessary

example: We don't need three three cars, we could do without one.

Count (11)

Count against

definition: (Inseparable) To effect negatively or make something less likely to succeed

example: They got to many penalties which counted against them in the first peroid and cost them the game.

Count among

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To include someone or something in a group, category, etc

example: I count him among my oldest friends.

Count down

definition: (Separable [optional]) To wait impatiently or excitedly for something to happen

example: We are counting down the days until our next vacation.

Count for

definition: (Inseparable) To be recognised as valuable, important, or worthwhile

example: Price usually counts for a lot when buying things.

Count in

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To include or involve

example: Count me in if you're going to the cinema tonight.

Count off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To say numbers aloud in a sequence

example: We counted off the kids as the got on the bus.

Count on

definition 1: (Inseparable) To depend or rely on

example: Fred is the most reliable person I know, I can always count on him.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To expect something to happen and base plans on it

example: He was counting on getting his pay check this week so he could come on vacation with us.

Count out

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To exclude

example: There's no way I'm going bungee jumping, count me out!

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To count a certain amount of money

example: The cashier at the bank counted out $300 and paid me.

Count towards

definition: (Inseparable) To be part of something needed to complete something else

example: All homework assignments count towards the final grade.

Count up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To add

example: When we close the shop, we count up the cash at the end of the night before we go home.

Count upon

definition 1: (Inseparable) To depend or rely on

example: I count upon my colleagues at work to help me whenever I have a problem.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To expect something to happen and base plans on it

example: He was counting upon his parents to take car off his dog so he could go abroad for 3 weeks.

Cover (2)

Cover for

definition 1: (Inseparable) To provide an excuse or alibi for someone

example: He usually covers for her by saying she's in the office when she's not.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To do someone's work while they are temporarily absent

example: His boss asked him to cover for his colleague while he was on vacation.

Cover up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To conceal or try to hide something to stop people from finding out

example: The government tried to cover up the scandal but it was too late.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To conceal or hide something

example: We're not letting you go out dressed like that, you need to cover yourself up first.

Cozy (2)

Cozy up

definition: (Intransitive) To make yourself comfortable

example: During the winter holidays, we like to cozy up with each other in front of the fire.

Cozy up to

definition: (Inseparable) To make yourself popular with someone

example: She's always cozying up to the boss because she wants to be promoted

Crack (3)

Crack down on

definition: (Inseparable) To use more authority than usual

example: The government has decided to crack down on big companies that avoid paying taxes.

Crack on

definition: (Intransitive) To continue doing something with drive and energy

example: We weren't tired so we cracked on with the project late into the night.

Crack up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To have a nervous or emotional breakdown

example: He cracked up when he heard his father had died.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To have bad reception on a mobile phone

example: I can't hear you very well, the line if cracking up I'll call you later.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To burst out laughing

example: Joey is so funny, he cracks me up every time I see him.

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To damage a car badly

example: She cracked her car up pretty badly when she hit a deer.

Crank (2)

Crank out

definition: (Intransitive) To produce something quickly

example: The factory cranks out 100 cars per day.

Crank up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To inject non-medical drugs into one's body

example: Junkies use that abandoned house to crank up heroin.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To start a machine (originally with a handle)

example: In the 1920's, you had to crank a car up in order to start the engine.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To increase or make something bigger

example: This is may favourite song, crank it up.

Crash (1)

Crash out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To sleep at someone's house because you are too tired, drunk, etc

example: He had a couple o drinks at my house so I let him crash out on the house.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To fall asleep

example: I crashed out after work because I had to get up early in the morning.

Cream (1)

Cream off

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To separate the best or most talented people from the rest so that they receive special or different treatment

example: TV talent shows usually hold auditions to cream off the best contestants for the show.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To take money or divert funds, usually wrongfully or unfairly

example: Corrupt politicians often look for ways to cream off a share of taxpayer dollars for themselves.

Creep (6)

Creep in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To start to be noticeable

example: A feeling of hostility crept in among the crowd.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To get included despite attempts to keep something or someone out

example: They were under aged but managed to creep in the back door of the club.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To enter a place quietly without being noticed

example: He crept in the house when he got home not to wake his parents.

Creep into

definition: (Inseparable) To become noticeable in something

example: Outrage crept into the look on her face.

Creep out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To make someone feel worried or uneasy

example: She doesn't like him becase he creeps her out.

Creep out on

definition: (Inseparable) To do do the same activity for a very long time

example: I've been creeping out on this list o phrasal verbs for the past few hours.

Creep over

definition: (Inseparable) To start to have a negative feeling

example: Fear crept over us because we were in a bad part of town.

Creep up on

definition: (Inseparable) To approach someone without them realising

example: They crept up on us because they wanted to scare us.

Crop (1)

Crop up

definition: (Intransitive) To appear or happen unexpectedly

example: I won't be able to meet you this afternoon, something's cropped up at work and I need to stay late.

Cross (3)

Cross off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To delete or remove from a list

example: I usually cross things off on my shopping list as I go.

Cross out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To put a line through something to show that it is wrong

example: Our teacher usually crosses our mistakes out and writes the correct answer above them, when marking tests.

Cross up

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To confuse or deceive

example: Leonardo Da Vinci deliberately wrote his notes in a code form to cross people who wanted to steal his secrets up.

Cruise (1)

Cruise through

definition: (Inseparable) To pass through something or succeed easily or with little effort

example: The exam was really easy, I just cruised through it without even studying.

Crumb (1)

Crumb down

definition: (Intransitive) To clear a table in a restaurant

example: Let me just crumb this table down for you before you have a seat.

Cry (2)

Cry off

definition: (Inseparable) To cancel an arrangement

example: I need to cry off our date tonight because I have to work late.

Cry out

definition: (Intransitive) To shout or scream because of pain

example: She cried out when she fell down the stairs and broke her leg.

Cut (12)

Cut across

definition 1: (Inseparable) To go across a place rather than around it to make the journey quicker

example: We sometimes cut across the football field when we're late for school.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To affect people of different groups, classes, etc

example: The European migrant crisis cut across people from every EU country.

Cut back

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To reduce

example: My company had to cut back on their training budget so we aren't going to have paid English lessons anymore.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To remove branches from a plant or tree in order to encourage future growth

example: We cut the trees in our yard back every winter.

Cut back on

definition: (Inseparable) To reduce expenditure

example: We really need to cut back on how much water we use, it's getting quite expensive.

Cut down

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To consume less of something

example: You smoke way too much, you really need to cut down.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To shoot

example: Without warning, the police cut the suspect down in the middle of the street.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To reduce something vertical to ground level by cutting it

example: We need to stop corporations from cutting the world's rain forests down.

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To cut something from a high position

example: Firefighters had to cut down lots debris caught in trees and power lines after the storm.

Cut down on

definition: (Inseparable) To reduce

example: You really need to cut down on how much sugar you eat.

Cut in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To start functioning

example: The emergency power generators cut in when there's a black out.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To drive in front of another vehicle without warning

example: A car cut in and caused me to brake suddenly.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To interrupt

example: Would you mind not cutting in while I'm talking?

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To Include someone in a deal that makes money

example: We decided to cut my brother in on the deal because he knew a lot about the market we were trying to enter.

definition 5: (Separable [optional]) To mix fat and flour until they combine

example: In order to make these cookies, you must first cut the butter in with the flour.

Cut it out

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) Stop acting unfair or unreasonably

example: Cut it out or I'll tell your parents how badly you behaved.

Cut off

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To deny or refuse someone the sale of alcohol in a bar or shop

example: The bartender had to cut him off because he was really drunk.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To disconnect

example: Our internet service provider cut us off because I forgot to pay the bill.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To isolate or make inaccessible

example: Many people were cut off from the town because the roads weren't all plowed after the blizzard.

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To interrupt someone

example: Would you mind not cutting me off when I'm talking?

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To dangerously pull in front of another car while driving

example: Some idiot cut us off and nearly caused an accident on the way here.

Cut out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To exclude

example: He completely cut sugar out of his diet.

definition 2: (Intransitive) When an engine suddenly stops running

example: The engine in our boat cut out and we couldn't fix it so we had to wait for help.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To leave quickly

example: The thieves cut out when they heard police car sirens.

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To separate livestock from a group

example: Farmers had to cut infected cattle out of their herd during the outbreak of mad cow disease.

Cut out on

definition: (Inseparable) To let down or snub someone

example: The band cut out on the charity concert when they were offered to play a paid venue.

Cut through

definition 1: (Inseparable) To cut something with easy using a sharp tool

example: Be careful with that knife, it cuts through like it's butter.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To deal with a complicated troublesome issue easily

example: The invester managed to cut through all the red tape and started construction 2 weeks after purchasing the property.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To go through a place instead of going around it

example: We used to cut through the woods behind our house to get to school.

Cut up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To cut something into smaller pieces

example: Could you cut this onion up into small squares for me please?

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To drive directly in front of another vehicle in a neighbouring lane

example: A truck cut us up on the highway, we had to brake in order to avoid an accident.

definition 3: (Separable [obligatory]) To be upset

example: Finding out her brother had a car accident really cut her up.

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To have a lot of small injuries

example: He cut his fingers up while picking up the broken pieces of glass off the floor.

definition 5: (Separable [optional]) To make fun of or insult somebody

example: Kids at school used to cut him up because he was overweight.

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