Phrasal Verbs Beginning with “B”

This page contains an extensive list of phrasal verbs beginning with "B". Click one of the letters below for a list of phrasal verbs, definitions, and examples starting with another letter.



























Back (7)

Back away

definition: (Intransitive) To move away from someone or something (ie: a commitment)

example: The client backed away from the deal because he thought it was too risky.

Back down

definition: (Intransitive) To withdraw from something or to admit defeat

example: You shouldn't back down from a challenge.

Back into

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To reverse into something

example: She accidentally backed her car into a lamp post.

Back off

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To retreat

example: Those people need to back off so the president can enter the building.

Back out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To reverse out of something

example: He backed out from the garage.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To fail to keep a promise or not do what you said you would

example: They backed out of the concert so now we have two extra tickets. Wanna come?

Back out of

definition 1: (Inseparable) To reverse out of something

example: They back out of the bus when they saw that they were checking tickets.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To fail to keep a promise or not do what you said you would

example: I'm afraid we are going to have to back out of the deal because it's just not good for us anymore.

Back up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To give support or encouragement

example: I'm so thankful for my wife backing me up.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To make a copy of something in order not to lose it

example: My company backs its servers up every night.

Bag (1)

Bag out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To criticise

example: You shouldn't bag other people out just beause they are different than you.

Bail (4)

Bail out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To save or to rescue someone or something

example: Tax payers basically bailed big banks out.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To remove water from a flooded boat

example: It had been raining so we had to bail water out of the boat before we left port.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To avoid disaster or death by escaping or jumping out of it

example: Luckily, the pilot bailed out of the plane before it crashed.

Bail out of

definition: (Separable [optional]) To pay a bond in order to release someone from jail

example: She had to bail her husband out of jail last Saturday.

Bail out on

definition: (Inseparable) To stop supporting someone when they are in trouble

example: A true friend won't bail out on you when you need them.

Bail up

definition: (Intransitive) To talk to someone and delay them

example: She was late because her sister talked her up on the phone before she left.

Ball (1)

Ball up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To confuse or complicate things

example: The new regulations have balled me up, I just don't know what's allowed anymore.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To roll something up or to form it into a round shape

example: He balled up his T-shirt and threw it in the laundry bin.

Balls (1)

Balls up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To spoil or ruin something

example: Don't balls the presentation up this time.

Bank (1)

Bank on

definition: (Inseparable) To rely on or hope for something

example: We're banking on the housing market to turn around.

Bang (6)

Bang about

definition: (Intransitive) To move in a place making a lot of noise

example: He's always banging about in the garage.

Bang around

definition: (Intransitive) To move in a place making a lot of noise

example: I wonder what they're doing banging around upstairs.

Bang on

definition: (Intransitive) To talk for a long time

example: He banged on for an hour about the importance of wearing safety goggles.

Bang on about

definition: (Inseparable) To keep talking about something

example: She's always banging on about how rich she is.

Bang out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To complete something

example: I'll bang out a new copy of the agreement this afternoon.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To play a musical instrument loudly

example: He banged out the new riff he learned on the guitar.

Bang up

definition: (Inseparable [optional]) To put someone in prison

example: He was banged up for 6 months for his connection to the crime.

Bargain (3)

Bargain down

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To convince someone to lower the price of an item they have for sale

example: He was banged up for 6 months for his connection to the crime.

Bargain for

definition: (Inseparable) To expect something (usually negative) to happen

example: They hadn't bargained for the price to be so high.

Bargain on

definition: (Inseparable) To expect something (usually negative) to happen

example: We didn't bargain on there being so many people at the cinema.

Barge (2)

Barge in

definition: (Intransitive) To enter a place and interrupt

example: My neighbour keeps barging in asking to borrow stuff.

Barge into

definition: (Intransitive) To enter a place and rudely interrupt

example: An unhappy client barged into her office, complaining about something he'd bought, while she was in a meeting.

Bash (4)

Bash about

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To physically mistreat someone/something

example: He's always bashing his laptop about, I'm surprised it still works.

Bash in

definition: (Separable [optional]) To break or damage something by physically attacking it

example: Someone bashed his car door in with a baseball bat.

Bash out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To write something quickly without much thought or preparation

example: She quickly bashed out her essay an hour before the deadline.

Bash up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To break or damage something by physically attacking it

example: Danny got pretty bashed up at the fight after school.

Bawl (1)

Bawl out

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To scold or shout at someone

example: Tammy's parents bawled her out for coming home late and not calling.

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To shout or sing unpleasantly

example: They bawled the words to the song out in a drunken stupor.

Be (26)

Be after

definition: (Inseparable) To search for or try finding

example: The police are after a man in his mid-forties in connection with the robbery.

Be along

definition: (Intransitive) To arrive

example: The next train should be along in fifteen minutes or so.

Be away

definition: (Intransitive) To be somewhere else (ie: on holiday, in a different country)

example: Todd is away until the end of the week.

Be cut out for

definition: (Inseparable) To have the necessary skills/qualities, to be suitable

example: I don't think Marry is cut out for this job.

Be cut out

definition: (Intransitive) To be upset

example: She's cut up about leaving her friends behind when they move to the UK this summer.

Be down

definition: (Intransitive) To be depressed

example: He's been down since his mother died.

Be down on

definition: (Inseparable) To have negative feelings towards someone

example: Doug was down on his father after he didn't let him borrow the car.

Be down with

definition 1: (Inseparable) To be ill

example: Frank is down with a cold, so he won't be joining us today.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To agree with or like something

example: Rob said he was down with going to the pub tonight.

Be fed up

definition: (Intransitive) To be bored, sick, upset with something

example: I'm fed up with having to clean up after you all the time.

Be in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To be at work or home

example: The director should be in at 10:00 am.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To arrive or be submitted

example: Your application needs to be in by Wednesday at 9:00 am.

Be in on

definition: (Inseparable) To be involved in something

example: Everyone was in on the surprise party for Helen.

Be not on

definition: (Intransitive) To be unacceptable or unsatisfactory

example: The way the deal went with the client was not on.

Be off

definition 1: (Intransitive) To not be functioning

example: I don't know if Tim is at work today, his computer is off.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To go somewhere

example: I'm off to the shops. Do you need anything?

definition 3: (Intransitive) To be cancelled

example: Tom's barbecue is off due to rain.

Be on

definition 1: (Intransitive) To be functioning

example: The TV was on all night again.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To go ahead as planned

example: Terry phoned and said that the football match is still on tonight.

definition 3: (Inseparable) To take medication or drugs.

example: Victor can't drink any alcohol because he's on antibiotics.

definition 4: (Inseparable) To perform well

example:The Giants have been on all evening. The other team doesn't have a chance.

Be on about

definition: (Inseparable) To mean or try to say something

example: I don't know what she was on about screaming and yelling like that.

Be onto

definition: (Inseparable) To pursue or be aware of someone's true intentions

example: I'm on to you, I know your scheming something.

Be out

definition: (Intransitive) To be absent from a place

example: Unfortunately, the director is out today.

Be out of

definition: (Inseparable) To have none left of something

example: We're out of beer! Who's wants to go to the store?

Be out to

definition: (Inseparable) To attempt something

example: Doris is out to get Shelly fired because she doesn't like her.

Be snowed under

definition: (Intransitive) To have too much work

example: She's snowed under because it's always busy at the end of the month.

Be taken aback

definition: (Intransitive) To shocked or surprised about something

example: He was taken aback with disbelief that she didn't come.

Be taken with

definition: (Inseparable) To like something

example: They were taken by your performance yeterday.

Be to do with

definition: (Intransitive) To be connected with something

example: She said that the additional fee was to do with the late payment.

Be up

definition: (Intransitive) To be awake and out of bed

example: You should've called me earlier, I have been up all morning.

Be up for

definition: (Inseparable) To be interested and enthusisatic about an up and coming event

example: Joe said he was up for going to the pub this evening.

Be up to

definition 1: (Inseparable) To be good enough for something

example: They said that they were up to the task of helping us move.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To be doing something

example: I wonder what Steve's up to this weekend.

Beam (1)

Beam up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To teleport / transport

example: We were beamed up to an alien spacecraft.

Bear (6)

Bear down on

definition: (Inseparable) To move towards something / someone

example: The police bore down on the suspect at the end of the street.

Bear on

definition: (Inseparable) To influence or affect something / someone

example: Consumer needs bear on the direction of the market.

Bear out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To confirm that something is correct

example: We just need to bear out the information you've given us before we proceed with the application.

Bear up

definition: (Intransitive) To resist pressure

example: He bore up the police interogation

Bear up under

definition: (Inseparable) To cope with a stressful situation or something difficult

example: She bears up under pressure very well.

Bear with

definition: (Inseparable) To be patient

example: Please bear with me while I get your file.

Beat (3)

Beat down

definition 1: (Intransitive) To physically attack someone

example: He got beat down by a gang of thugs.

definition 2: (Intransitive) Strong sunshine

example: It was a cooker yesterday, the sun was beating down all day.

Beat out

definition: (Inseparable) To narrowly win a competition

example: Todd beat out the other competitors in the chess tournament.

Beat up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To physically attack someone

example: A bully beat up Kevin after school yesterday.

Beaver (2)

Beaver away

definition: (Intransitive) To work hard at something

example: We've got a lot of renovations to do, so we're beavering away this weekend.

Beaver away at

definition: (Intransitive) To work hard at something

example: The boys are upstairs beavering away at their science project.

Bed (2)

Bed down

definition 1: (Intransitive) To sleep in a place that is less comfortable than normal

example: We stopped in a mountain shelter to bed down for the night.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To become successful or established over a period of time

example: His company has really bed down over the past few months.

Bed out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To move plants outside

example: We usually bed our plants out on our balcony at the end of May.

Beef (1)

Beef out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To make something more solid or stronger

example: My company beefed up its security after 2 laptops went missing.

Belong (2)

Belong to

definition 1: (Inseparable) To be a member of a group, club, etc

example: My father belongs to the national rife association.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To be connected to something (a belief, thing, time, place, etc)

example: I found this on the floor, it looks like it belongs to your bicycle.

Belong with

definition: (Inseparable) To be in the correct place, location or order with other things

example: This book belongs with the other books on the shelf.

Belt (2)

Belt out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To make, produce quickly

example: This machine can belt out 5000 packages in 1 hour.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To say or sing something loudly

example: We belted out the words to our favourite song together.

Belt up

definition: (Intransitive) To be quiet

example: Our neighbour called and told us to belt up because he was trying to sleep.

Bend (3)

Bend down

definition: (Intransitive) To be lower the top half of your body

example: She bent down to pick up some money of the floor.

Bend over

definition: (Intransitive) To be lower the top half of your body

example: He bent over to take his shoes off.

Bend over backwards

definition: (Intransitive) To do a lot to please or help someone

example: You always bend over backwards for him and he never appreciates it.

Big (1)

Big up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To exaggerate the importance of something

example: He's always bigging up how much his company earns.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To increase the size of your muscles by exercising

example: Tim's goes to the gym often to big himself up.

Bitch (1)

Bitch up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To spoil or ruin something

example: They bitched up the meeting with the client.

Black (1)

Black out

definition: (Intransitive) To become unconscious

example: Sarah blacked out while she was at work, so we had to call an ambulance.

Blank (1)

Blank out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To censor something so that it is not readable

example: A lot of the information was blanked out because it was classified.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To have a temporary memory failure

example: What were we talking about? I'm sorry, I blanked out there for a minute.

Blare (1)

Blare out

definition: (Intransitive) To play loud music or to make a loud sound

example: Our neighbours were blaring out music all night because they were having a party last night.

Blast (1)

Blast off

definition: (Intransitive) To leave the ground in a rocket or space ship

example: The space shuttle, Columbia, blasted off from Cape Canaveral for the last time yesterday.

Blaze (1)

Blaze away

definition: (Intransitive) To fire a gun repeatedly

example: Every time I'm at the firing range, I blaze away at the targets.

Bleed (1)

Bleed out

definition: (Separable [optional) To cause sufficient blood lose or to die because of lose of blood

example: He'll bleed out if you remove the knife from the wound.

Bliss (1)

Bliss out

definition: (Intransitive) To extremely happy and relaxed

example: The children blissed out over the fact that they were going to Disney World.

Block (4)

Block in

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To park a car in a way that obstructs another

example: My neighbour was angry because I blocked his car in his driveway.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To shade or fill something in

example: Just block in the box next to candidates name would like vote for.

Block off

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To obstruct or prevent something or someone from leaving

example: Police blocked off the street while they were conducting their investigation.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To book or set some time aside for something

example: They blocked off a month to go on vacation to Thailand.

Block out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To prevent light from entering or leaving

example: It was raining so the clouds blocked out for most of the day.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To not to feel or think about something because it is painful or upsetting

example: He usually drinks to block out the unpleasant memories of his father beating him.

Block up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To fill a space so that nothing can pass through

example: Someone blocked the toilet up downstairs so you have to use the bathroom upstairs.

Board (2)

Board out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To arrange for pets to stay somewhere while you are away

example: The hotel that we booked didn't allow pets so we had to board out our dog while we were on holiday.

Board up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To cover windows with something (ie: wood, metal, etc)

example: A lot of abandoned houses are boarded up in Detroit.

Blow (7)

Blow away

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To kill someone

example: The criminal blew away two cops before he was killed.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To beat rivals or competitors by a large margin

example: The visitor team blew the home team away yesterday.

definition 3: (Separable [obligatory]) To impress someone greatly

example: She was blown away by his politeness

definition 4: (Intransitive) To be moved by the wind from one place to another

example: The wind blew my hat away before I could catch it.

Blow down

definition: (Separable [optional]) When a forceful wind causes something to fall

example: The storm blew down lots of trees knocking down power lines.

Blow in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To suddenly arrive somewhere, unexpectedly or unannounced

example: My friend blew in from Poland for the weekend.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To make something implode by detonation

example: The police blew in the door with a C4 charge.

Blow off

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To not keep an appointment or arrangement

example: Jeff will never get a job if he keeps blowing off job interviews.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To ignore or not do something

example: If you blow off your skin condition, it will only get worse.

definition 3: (Intransitive) To break wind noisily

example: It's considered impolite to blow off in public.

Blow out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To extinguish a candle, matches, etc

example: You should make a wish before you blow out the candles on your birthday cake.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To defeat decisively

example: The Bruins blew out the Kings 7-0.

Blow over

definition: (Intransitive) When a bad situation ceases to exist or is forgotten

example: We waited under the via duct until the storm blew over.

Blow up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To explode

example: The house blew up because of a gas leak.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To get angry or lose your temper

example: Suddenly, Nigel blew up and started yelling at me.


Blurt out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To suddenly say something without thinking, usually something you shouldn't

example: I couldn't believe she blurted out what I told her. It was supposed to be a secret!

Bog (4)

Bog down

definition: (Intransitive) To slow down or impede progress

example: She usually gets bogged down with redundant tasks at work.

Bog in

definition: (Intransitive) To eat something enthusiastically

example: They were so hungry that they just bogged in without even washing their hands first.

Bog into

definition: (Intransitive) To eat something enthusiastically

example: We didn't know what we were being served, we just bogged into what was on the plate.

Bog off

definition: (Intransitive) Get lost!

example: We don't need your nonsense, bog off!

Boil (4)

Boil down

definition: (Separable [optional]) To simplify or reduce to the bare essentials

example: We boiled down the ability to stay competitive to reducing office expenses.

Boil down to

definition: (Inseparable) To summarize or conclude something

example: Losing weight basically boils down to eating healthy and going to the gym.

Boil over

definition 1: (Intransitive) For liquid to spill over the sides of a container while boiling

example: Water usually boils over if you cover it in a boiling pot.

definition 2: (Intransitive) When tempers reach such a state that can no longer be controlled often resulting in a bad situation

example: Her anger boiled over when she found out he had been unfaithful.

Boil up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To feel a strong negative emotion

example: Her anger boiled up so much that she lost control.

definition 2: (Separable [optional[) To cook or heat something to a boiling point

example: We boiled up some eggs for breakfast.


Bolster up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To reinforce, strengthen or support

example: The military recently bolstered up it's defenses on the eastern border.

Bone (2)

Bone up

definition: (Intransitive) To study or learn as much as you can for something (ie: a test, exam, etc)

example: She had better stay at home tonight and bone up for her exam tomorrow.

Bone up on

definition: (Inseparable) To study very hard or learn something for a reason or goal (ie: a test, exam, etc)

example: He needs to bone up on the dates of kings and queens for his history test tomorrow.

Book (4)

Book in

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To make a reservation in advance

example: Can I booked in a table for two on Friday at 7:30 pm?

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To check into a hotel

example: We took a taxi from the the airport to our hotel and booked in.

Book into

Book into

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To make a reservation in advance

example: We have booked you into a room for you for Friday at 8pm.

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To check into a hotel

example: We booked into the hotel and went out for dinner and drinks.

Book out

definition: (Intransitive) To leave in a hurry

example: Dave's bus was in 5 minutes, so he booked out the door.

Book up

definition: (Intransitive) To reserve / reserved

example: We had to stand on the train because all of the seats were all booked up.

Boot (2)

Boot out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To remove someone/something (usually by force)

example: They were booted out of the club for causing problems.

Boot up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To start a computer

example: When we get to work, we usually boot up our computers first then get a coffee before starting work.

Border (1)

Border on

definition 1: (Inseparable) To be located next to a place

example: France borders on Germany.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To be very close to something

example: Driving while intoxicated borders on insanity.

Boss (2)

Boss about

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To control people by using excessive authority

example: I really hate our new supervisor, he's always bossing me about.

Boss around

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To control people by using excessive authority

example: Derek's my ex-boss, he used to boss me around all the time.

Botch (1)

Botch up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To spoil or ruin something

example: She sued the hospital for botching up her operation.

Bottle (3)

Bottle away

definition: (Intransitive) To keep something stored somewhere

example: Rick tends to bottle away his emotions.

Bottle out

definition: (Intransitive) To not have the courage to do something

example: She was going to go bungee jumping with her friends but she bottled out in the end.

Bottle up

definition: (Separable [optional) To not express feelings/emotions

example: Even though she was outraged by the injustice, she bottled up her angry and didn't say a word.

Bottom (1)

Bottom out

definition: (Intransitive) To reach the lowest point and start rising

example: He waited for the stock to bottom out before he bought more shares.

Bounce (3)

Bounce back

definition: (Intransitive) To recover from something

example: John was in bed sick all week but he bounced back and was back on his feet on Friday.

Bottom into

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To force someone into doing something

example: The police bounced him into giving them information about the suspects in the robbery.

Bounce off

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To test ideas

example: We bounced different ideas on how to improve the company's international standing.

Bow (3)

Bow down

definition 1: (Inseparable) To show someone respect

example: You must bow down to the queen when she enters the room.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To completely obey someone

example: Living in a dictatorship usually means bowing down to the supreme leader.

Bow out

definition: (Intransitive) To leave or quit

example: The investor ended up bowing out of the deal due to a misunderstanding.

Bow to

definition: (Inseparable ) To unwillingly accept something

example: The president bowed to public pressure and decided not to implement the legislation.

Bowl (2)

Bowl out

definition: (Separable [optional]) Used in the sport of cricket: to hit someone's wicket or cricket with a ball

example: I'd never played cricket before but I managed to bowl my opponent out first ball.

Bowl over

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To surprise someone greatly

example: Winning the lottery completely bowled us over.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To knock someone to the group

example: The suspect fled the scene of the crime bowling over citizens as he escaped.

Box (2)

Box in

definition: (Separable [optional]) To prevent something from moving (especially vehicles)

example: Another driver boxed me in at the parking lot and I had to wait 10 minutes until he came back to his car.

Box up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To pack things in boxes in order to move them

example: We finished boxing the rest of our things up on Friday before the Move on Saturday.

Break (5)

Break away

definition: (Intransitive) To separate from something

example: Quebec is always talking about breaking away from Canada.

Break down

definition 1: (Intransitive) To cease to function or stop working

example: I'm sorry I'm late, my car broke down on the way here.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To lose control of your emotions and start crying

example: Gina broke down and started crying when she heard the news.

Break into

definition: (Inseparable) To enter be use of force

example: Someone broke into our house while we were away last week.

Break out

definition: (Intransitive) To escape from somewhere by use of force

example: Six convicts broke out of the prison during the fire.

Break up

definition: (Separable [optional) To end a relationship or a marriage

example: Tom and Frida broke up after four years.

Brace (1)

Brace up

definition: (Intransitive) To feel more confident and optimistic about something

example: She ought to brace up and stop worrying so much, everything will be ok.

Branch (1)

Branch out

definition: (Intransitive) To expand or extend one's interests

example: Our business has branched out into e-commerce now.

Breeze (4)

Breeze along

definition: (Intransitive) To move quickly nd easily without any complications

example: Monday was very long but the rest of the week just breezed along.

Breeze in

definition: (Intransitive) To come or go through in a light, casual manner

example: She breezed in with a big smile on her face and sad hello.

Breeze into

definition: (Intransitive) To come or go through in a light, casual manner

example: Harry breezed into the office to pick up some things before his flight.

Breeze through

definition: (Inseparable) To pass or get through something succesfully

example: She breezed through medical school with little effort.

Brick (2)

Brick in

definition: (Separable [optional]) To close of or fill in an area or space with bricks

example: We bricked the side door of ourhouse in because we didn't use it much.

Brick up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To close of or fill in an area or space with bricks

example: He bricked up one of the windows in the room because there was too much sun.

Brighten (1)

Brighten up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To improve (weather, sky)

example: It was overcast in the morning but it brightened up in the afternoon.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To improve one's mood, become happier

example: Sandy was feeling depressed, but she brightened up after we took her out.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To make something nicer, more pleasant/attractive

example: They painted the walls a lighter colour to brighten the room up.

Bring (15)

Bring about

definition: (Separable [optional]) To make something happen

example: My boss likes to bring about change in the office so there's never a dull moment.

Bring along

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To bring something or someone to a certain place

example: Why don't you bring along your new girl friend when we go out on Friday so that we can meet her.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To help someone improve at something

example: His math tutor brought him along in the last semester and he passed the exam.

Bring around

definition 1: (Separable [obligatory]) To persuade or convince someone

example: They tried really hard to bring their dad around to let them borrow the car for the weekend.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To take someone with you when you go to visit a place or someone else

example: Why don't you bring your brother around the next time you come, I'd love to meet him.

definition 3: (Separable [obligatory]) To get someone to start talking about something

example: She She didn't want to tell us why she was upset but after some convincing, we finally brought her around.

Bring back

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To cause someone to remember

example: Seeing her brought back memories of when we were at school.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To return

example: Can you lend me your camera? I promise I'll bring it back in one piece.

Bring down

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To cause something to fall or collapse

example: The building on the corner was brought down by a demolition crew.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To lower a price or make something cheaper

example: Due to lack of interest, the store had to bring the prices of their products down.

definition 3: (Separable [optional]) To disappoint or make someone feel upset

example: The cancellation of the concert really brought us down.

definition 4: (Separable [optional]) To cause one to lose power or leave office

example: Several scandals committed by the ruling party brought it down.

definition 5: (Separable [optional]) To bring to the ground by force

example: Police brought the fleeing suspect down on the pavement in front of my building.

definition 6: (Separable [optional]) To kill

example: Their dog was suffering and in severe pain so they had to bring it down.

Bring forth

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To convey, to make known or visible

example: Tom brought forth an excellent solution to our problem at our last meeting.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To make something happen

example: The new legislation brought forth a lot of criticism from the public.

Bring forward

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To make something happen earlier than originally planned

example: He said he couldn't meet on Tuesday, so we brought the meeting forward to Monday.

Bring in

definition 1: (Intransitive) To earn

example: He brings in about $400,000 a year.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To take indoors

example: I think you should bring your shoes in, it's going to rain later.

Bring off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To succeed at something difficult

example: Nobody though she would pass her driving test but she brought it off.

Bring on

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To cause something to happen or speed up a process

example: The structural changes within the company brought on lots of organizational problems.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To make something appear

example: Bring on the food, I'm starving!

Bring out

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To publish or release

example: I was so excited when they brought out the sequel to my favourite book.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To elicit a response

example: My wife brings out the best in me.

Bring out in

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To cause a health problem or reaction

example: He accidentally touched some poison oak and it brought him out in a rash all over his body.

Bring round

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To cause someone to wake from an anaesthetic or unconsciousness

example: When the doctors brought him around, he was in the hospital and didn't know how he got there.

Bring up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To raise a someone (ie: a child)

example: It's difficult bringing a child up as a single parent.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To mention something

example: We are going to have to bring the budget problem up at the next meeting.

Brush (2)

Brush off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To ignore or pay little attention

example: She just brushed him off as if he didn't exist.

Brush up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To improve on something quickly (ie: a skill)

example: I signed up for a one-month English course in order to brush up on my English before I moved to the UK.

Bubble (1)

Bubble over

definition: (Intransitive) To become very excited

example: She bubbled over with glee when she found out she had been accepted to college.

Buck (1)

Buck up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To hurry

example: Buck up the train is leaving soon, we don't want to miss it.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To improve or smarten up

example: Tom better buck up, otherwise he's going to have to repeat the semester.

Bucket (1)

Bucket down

definition: (Intransitive) To rain heavily

example: We got soaked walking to the car, it's really bucketing down today.

Buckle (3)

Buckle down

definition: (Intransitive) To start applying yourself or working hard

example: You'd better buckle down and study if you want to pass your exam.

Buckle under

definition: (Intransitive) To accept something against your will under pressure

example: The banks had to buckle under to the new legislation or face a hefty fine.

Buckle up

definition: (Intransitive) To fasten a seat belt

example: You'd better buckle up it's the law.

Budge (1)

Budge up

definition: (Intransitive) To move in order to make space for someone

example: Would you mind budging up to the left a bit so that my wife can sit down?

Buff (2)

Buff up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To clear, clean or make something shine

example: We had to quicklybuff the silver wear up before the guests arrived.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To improve

example: He'd better buff his act up if he wants to succeed in life.

Buff up on

definition: (Inseparable) To quickly improve your knowledge about something

example: She had to buff up on the dates of kings and queens before her history exam.

Bug (2)

Bug off

definition: (Intransitive) Go away

example: Bug off! Can't you see I'm working?

Bug out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To open your eyes wide with surprise

example: She bugged out when she saw what he bought her for a birthday present.

definition 2: (Intransitive) To leave somewhere in a hurry

example: They bugged out before anyone noticed what had happened.

Build (5)

Build around

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To build or develop something on the basis of something else

example: They built their company strategy around serving the Chinese market.

Build in

definition: (Separable [optional]) To incorporate or construct something as an integral part

example: Their new product has built in GPS so it is easy to find.

Build into

definition: (Inseparable) To incorporate or construct something as an integral part

example: Our company has many security features built into it's products.

Build on

definition 1: (Inseparable) To use something good to achieve more

example: They built on their earlier successes and achieved something really fantastic.

definition 2: (Separable [obligatory]) To develop or improve on a past achievement

example: The company built on software they acquired in the 90's and created something really useful.

Build up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To develop a company

example: He built the company up from nothing.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To increase

example: Due to the high crime rates, there has been a build up in police activity recently.

Bulk (2)

Bulk out

definition: (Separable [obligatory]) To make something bigger or thicker

example: He bulked his response out with so many facts that I ended up completely confused.

Bulk up

definition: (Intransitive) To gain weight, or develop bigger muscles

example: He bulked up so much since he started going to the gym.

Bump (3)

Bump into

definition 1: (Inseparable) To unexpectedly meet someone by chance

example: We bumped into George while we were at the mall.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To walk into or hit something by accident

example: It was dark and I bumped into the wall because I couldn't see where I was going.

Bump off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To kill someone

example: Lots of gang members were bumped off in last month's gang turf war.

Bump up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To increase

example: Due to terrorist threats they bumped up security at last weeks political rally.

Bundle (3)

Bundle off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To send somebody somewhere

example: She bundled off the kids to school.

Bundle out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To remove or expel

example: The bouncer bundled a guy out of the club because he as being aggressive.

Bundle up

definition 1: (Intransitive) To put on warm clothing

example: Make sure you bundle up before you go outside, it's really cold today.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To wrap or tie things together

example: In Switzerland, you have to bundle up your old newspapers string when you recycle them.

Bunk (1)

Bunk off

definition: (Intransitive) To not go to school when you should

example: We used to bunk off.

Buoy (1)

Buoy up

definition 1: (Separable [optional]) To improve someone's mood or make them feel more positive

example: She was very depressed when her boyfriend left her so we took her out to buoy her up.

definition 2: (Separable [optional]) To keep afloat

example: He was sinking so we threw him a life preserver to buoy him up we could reach him.

Burn (1)

Burn out

definition 1: (Intransitive) To stop working

example: My phone's battery burns out faster when I play games on it.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To become exhausted from working too hard

example: People in my field usually burn out after three years because of the stress.

Burst (1)

Burst into

definition 1: (Inseparable) To catch fire very quickly

example: Within a couple of minutes, the wooden house burst into flames.

definition 2: (Inseparable) To laugh, cry, or clap loudly

example: She burst into tears when se heard about her brother's fatal car accident.

Bust (1)

Bust up

definition: (Intransitive) To end a relationship, usually by an argument or angrily

example: Jim and Frank bust up after Frank didn't pay Jim back the money he owed him.

Butt (2)

Butt in

definition: (Intransitive) To interrupt

example: Sorry for butting in. Can I talk to you for a sec?

Butt out

definition: (Intransitive) To not be or stop being involved in other people's business

example: Butt out! you're aways sticking your nose in other people's business.

Butter (1)

Butter up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To excessively flatter or praise

example: You wont get a pay raise just by buttering up your boss.

Buy (5)

Buy in

definition: (Inseparable) To purchase a large quantity of something

example: We bought in shares in Apple in the late 80's.

Buy into

definition: (Inseparable) To accept an idea

example: We tried to convince him that a healthy diet was the key to losing weight but he didn't buy into the idea.

Buy off

definition: (Separable [optional]) To pay someone to stop causing trouble

example: If you own a bar or club in Poland, you usually have to buy off the mob to leave you alone.

Buy out

definition: (Separable [optional]) To buy someone's share in a company

example: The only way to get rid of a bad business partner is to buy them out.

Buy up

definition: (Separable [optional]) To buy all of something

example: We bought up all of the candles and canned goods in the shop before the storm.

Buzz (3)

Buzz around

definition: (Inseparable) To move around an area place quickly

example: Today is so busy that I've been buzzing around the office all day.

Buzz off

definition: (Intransitive) To leave a place to go somewhere else

example: My wife and I are buzzing off for the long weekend to our cottage.

Buzz off!

definition: (Intransitive) Go away (imperative)

example: Stop wasting my time. Buzz off!.

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